To start off, I foolishly jumped on to this forum without reading the rules as I figured since I’m not here to start trouble then what would be the point… I was wrong… So here we go…

Hello fellow users. My name is skinny man :wink:

I am a practising occultist and I am very excited to find new information on how to create my reality as I see fit.

I consider myself as a novice and have a lot of work and research ahead of me. I take criticism well, and in fact embrace it as it will lead me to better myself and my practices. I also enjoy in taking part in arguments (Mature, without name calling or anything that would leave a bad taste in my or anyone’s mouth) of conflicting opinions as I always like to see someone else’s point of view to better re-evaluate my own. I am constantly questioning everything, and asking why. This, I also apply to myself.

So hello users. Its nice to meet you.