Hey forum members, I’ve actually been lurking for some weeks now reading up here, getting a feel for the place before diving in so to speak. I honestly would have read more before popping out into the open here, but thanks to the incredible wealth of knowledge and viewpoints I’ve been gaining from here lately, I’ve simply become too damned excited with this forum and too eager to hop into the fray and ask more questions, maybe even contribute what experience I gain!

There will be a lot more asking of questions from me than providing answers at first I imagine, as I am quite new to conscious effort in this rather than instinctive fumbling. But if some silly question of mine on whether a thing is possible or how it might work prompts myself and others here to make new discoveries, I’ll be happy for the result.

So you know where I’m coming from, I’m originally from Northeast Texas but stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina (yes, I seem to have volunarily lost my freedom to the military, but I have to say I would have developed quite differently without the hardship and circumstances). In addition to places in the continental US, I’ve seen Germany and Ireland, as well as Kyrgystan and Afghanistan.

I’m working through Mastering Divination, have been awed by the accuracy and applicability of the tarot, and right now am engaged in following EA’s advice to spend five days meditating intensely on each Norse rune before working with them for divination. I have used the runes for divination before, between the release of the BALG e-book and the divination course, and again found it uncanny just how accurate and eloquent they can be. That said, I anticipate a great boost to my runework after I finish meditating my way through the rune-circle five days at a time. I have undeniably noticed a growing amount of ‘sync’ between my rune meditations and circumstances around me (for anyone dealing with the east coast’s weather right now, the past five days for me were spent with the rune Isaz; I’m not claiming credit for the regular season of winter, what is important to know is that for my area on the Atlantic coast it is quite rare for snow to stick in any amount, and I -am- convinced that my focus on Isaz ‘pushed’ things just enough to include my area in this weather, too).

I have also dabbled in candle and some sigil work. The real (un)holy grail to me, though, is evocation. These runic meditations and their timetable were quite a commitment from me, but as soon as they are complete and I’m satisfied with my competence at the different types of divination, I certainly intend to refuse resting satisfied until I can regularly evoke to physical form.

That’s about all I care to say about just myself in a post without feeling silly, I just wanted to introduce myself before I may start popping up in peoples’ threads, and I tried to provide a little relevant information to illustrate what background and small amount of experience my posts will be coming from. I’m very grateful for the amount of knowledge I’ve found already on these forums, and I look forward to beginning to interact and provoke more such knowledge with my statements and questions.

Apologies for the chunky blocks of text. I struggle with alcoholism and endless run-on sentences. I hope I may prove as useful to some of you some time as your posts and insights have been to me.


Welcome Claidheam,

I sense a great wealth of potential in you. I will be watching you with great interest, as I see thatI can learn a lot from watching your path.


That’s kind of you to say. I’ve already found your own thread on working through the runes and it was an exciting read! I understand we’re not doing the -same- thing with them, but it’s still interesting to see how they speak differently to both of us as we try to learn from them.

You’re going -way- deeper into them a day at a time than I am five days at a time. This is probably because you’re just further along than I am, and also because my meditations have not delved deep to the point of immersion in visions. With me it’s been more of first studying up on the etymology of the rune. Then, I bring myself into a meditation, deeper each day, and at first just contemplate the form of the rune, try and slip back into a empathy with my ancestors (some of whom were Nordic) and what basic natural concepts they would associate when first drawing these runes. If it coalesces into an image, I go with it. Sometimes, it’s more abstract but for me at least it always ties strongly into the natural world.

I considered opening them up like sigils to see what happens, but had a feeling that I should become familiar with them first before just blindly unleashing them in my life. And I haven’t had profound visions like you describe, but I have had manifestations in the world around me that I can just no longer be skeptical about. The internal realizations tend not to come so far as one profound vision at once, but like for five days at a time I allow the events of my life to be shaped in a way that leads my realizations forward. Sometimes its graceful like Ansuz, and sometimes it takes me for a wild ride like Thursaz or Hagalaz.

When I get into the right state of mind, my visualization just involves brightening up the lines of the runestone while still contemplating it, then breathing in what I feel as the essence of it into my life for five days at a time, often noticing the rune begin to glow brighter on the exhale, almost like breathing to life an ember.

Hm. I seem to have bombarded you with a wall of text. This might happen until I get all of the excitement out of my system about being able to compare methods with like-minded folks. Thanks for saying hello, and I hope to see you around here.