Hi, I’m principles. I’m new to magick, been practicing for a couple of months, but I come from a culture that deals heavily with the spiritual. I started out with conjure work, and now I am into Gallery Of Magick (and the likes of that).

Welcome @Principles

Where are you from?

Did you follow any particular tradition?

What are your areas of interest?

North America. I now live in the US.

My family was literally Christian. Church going honest-to-God Christian’s. They never practiced behind the scenes or secretly. They didn’t even want so much as an incense stick around the house. I realized that path led them to ruin. I’m now here.

I love any magick that is practical. When I progress, I will move on to general spiritual enlightenment and advancement. I feel like I’m being spiritual enlightened heavily regardless, but you get what I mean.

I’m ready to help myself, so that I can help others. I’m very interested in philanthropic work and facilitating true change in people’s lives. That’s my dream. Quality, not quantity.

I’m embarking on this journey to help myself first, so that I can help others.

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