Hail my name is the great beast 666 also known as magus tsirk natas … french magus living in canada … magus of the new aeon of love (satan) create on November 6, 2019 … to make a short introduction about who i am … i have been walking with the devil and the archangels since my childhood but i decided to start my pathworking in 2017 … i have worked with the gatekeepers from the 1st to the 13th gate … i have been initiated into divine and infernal alchemy … necromantic possession … vampirism … vodoun possession … satanism … demonic possession … transformation possession … as well as other currents of darkness and light … become a living god and EA Koetting was the guide who helped me along this long road … and who helped me survive where many would not have survived … his books saved my life and give me the anwsers i was lookin for … from the lake of fire to the 13th gate …

Love shall be the whole of the law

Thelema xeper deitus love

Antichrist Magus Tsirk Natas

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Welcome to the forum!

So where do you hail from?

This pathworking sounds super cool: what kind of magick do you practice in this pathworking? Are you working through a Crowley book, an E.A. book, pathworking the Qlipphoth, working with specific entities… something else?

Thanks I live in Quebec

I work with the 9 demonic gatekeepers … i discovered the 4 hidden gatekeepers … i work with azrael la santa muerte qayin … akasha subterfuge … baron samedi … papa legba … arkos … aiwass nyarlatotep … amenadiel … dracula … vlad the impaler … noctulius … the 4 beasts … the horsemens … the great beast 666 … the anti christ … the 7 headed red dragon … leviathan … choronzon … ahriman … azi dahaka … They all initiated me as I walked through the 13 gates …

And to answer your question in 2017 I invoked satanlucifer to ask him if he was interested in creating an aeon of light with me … a new vision of light that would change magick and hell … illuminate satanism … some weeks later a stranger told me about a ritual that i tried and i opened the doors of the lake of fire to become one with the 666 lords of the abyss … the 666 masks of satanlucifer … according to what i learned satan is 666 consciousness … satan is the darkness and lucifer is the light of multiconsciousness … satanlucifer 666 999 … a revelation that was revealed to me to bring back the law of love in august 2017 … and the reason why satan nicknamed me the great beast 666 … my consciousness was divided into 666 … which allowed me to reach the level of evolution to declare the new law of the future aeon … to understand it is necessary to understand this … aleister crowley michael aquino as well as magus tsirk susej have declared 3 aeons with 3 laws … thelema xeper deitus … the will to become a god or the will to become a being as a god … with the law that I declare me and satan we declare the will to become a god of the apocalypse … love evolution 6th apocalypse … from the 5th human generation to the 6th generation of living god … a little complicated for those who have not been initiated into the aeonic current but there is the main aeon the sub aeons and the ages … a true magus declares a new aeon with a law … others declare sub aeons … and some magus declare laws to empower the main aeon … an aeon is like a key that allows the universe to evolve … to understand I suggest reading the demonic bible by magus tsirk susej … the magus who declared the aeon of lucifer …

And as aleister crowley michael aquino and magus tsirk susej i chanelled a book of the law that i never published … most believe the devil is just an archetype … since the awakening of aiwass the world we live in has evolved … and as aleister crowley said if we have the power to read between the lines … one day humanity will become living gods and they will see that gods are not just archetypes …

Love shall be the whole of the law


Well personally I believe the “devil” is Ahriman. And “satan” is Lucifer. One represents extreme control, the other extreme freedom, and man makes the balance in the middle. We need both, neither are good or bad but extremes are destructive to human goals. They are forces more than incarnates.

But fun stuff! … you do you. Have fun browsing the forum! :smiley: