I have just started pracitcing evocations and vampirism a few months ago.
I was a psychic medium (still am) and I used to channel a text last year where I mentioned lilith and how I am ignoring her call. It was something like „Lilith tried to talk to me but I wouldnt listen“.
It was around the same time when I got initiated in reiki (but my first thought was how to steal chi. but I surpressed that thought thinking it was EVIL)… but I realized I am not just love and light.
I met a man who almost killed me… he sucked me dry energetically and he also „banished“ me from his life…that was my final call to talk to lilith.
Being psychic really helped the evocations.
but I am still struggling to have an ongoing conversation.

I also started with valefor and it was a wild ride. He stole absinth from me. I had a full bottle placed on the little table where I usually put offerings. And it fell down. so… I believe he took it for himself. He created a lot of CHAOS. (I hope it was him testing me and not a parasite) also he gave me some really weird dreams and I can see him being present through synchronicities.

Sallos was also interesting. Everytime we talked he sent me dreams about a specific person. as if he was saying : This is my suggestion for you.
(There were three ppl I wanted to attract…)
and when I met said person, we made out on that evening. I was surprised at that.

I am struggling with vampiric feeding and setting up a ritual since I have severe fatigue and space issues in my apartment.
I have heard one can visualize a complete ritual and it would have the same outcome…

all in all, I am learning and growing and I have decided to join this wonderful forum!


Welcome to the forum @Lucy144 :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Lucy144

Where are you from?

Do you practice any specific system or tradition of magick?

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Not really… exploring hermetic qabalah atm.
I think it‘s very interesting.
I dont know what system speaks to me the most right now…how does one find out?
I‘m from germany … :slight_smile:

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Probably reading about them and check if you are draw to it. You should feel something when you resonate with the system/current.
Note that this feeling can also manifest as a knowing that ¨this system is the right one for you¨

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I totally agree follow your intuition and curiosity, it will resonate with you when it’s right. Welcome to BALG.

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