Hello .ritualarmour here Been into magick for two years now.immersing myself in invocations of infernal beings like asmodeus and Amaymon.My main focus is steered towards liber negri solis and ascension .immortality etc.I have also tried to use magick to influence my mundane aspects for time now still on this journey.I am from south Africa.

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Welcome. Do you have much experience with rituals? Do you use ritual tools? What are you looking to learn?


m looking forward to meet like minded individuals …i consider my life as a big ritualistic experience. i use anything i can access i believ mind is above all.


I’m 31 former Bussiness man now a medical student left California school was too expensive ( medical school) but I’ve always broken the chains and I’m in the third world and I love it everyday learning human psychology facing obstacles… I could see people auras and reflections of electronics don’t know what that means. I can sense negative energy low frequency… I’ve just worked with different magicians and used their services but don’t know how to evoke and invoke… And receive messages directly whether it’s angels or Lucifer… one person told me not to eat meat and become vegan lol what has worked for u guys ?

Literally like I said, simply accepting that they could hear me, and dropping any expectations and continually doing magical works, was how I started. The more I did, the better my weaker senses have gotten.


No I relied on this individual for channeling sand readings never worked on my own skills and he’s no longer available to me and I wanna learn as much as I can

No I relied and someone who I thought would always be available I want to be able to communicate directly

True I don’t believe in coincidence

whoa slow down there.invocation is a practice last i read somewhere on be a lil nice

and i didnt knoiw you had a problem with ego

I am 23 think that is the only thing i need to add.Oh and i also love to spar on the etheric if anyone is interested to find out the depths and strengths of my ego

I think you’re being very defensive for whatever reason. The questions that were asked are asked to all new members because it helps us to get a better understanding of who you are, what and how you practice, your magick goals if you have any and need assistance, etc.

they’re not asked so we can insult you or go back and forth with you. Maybe check out the introduction thread so you can get a better idea.

Welcome to the forum :wave:t5:



Problem with ego can u please elaborate? I like to hear different perspectives

Can u elaborate please