My name is Abimelech. I am in my early 20s. I have been a practitioner of the occult for a while now and a long time lurker of this forum.

Welcome @Abimelech. Just to get to know you a bit more, what aspects of the occult have you worked with? How long (can be an estimate) and how has it worked for you? Any areas you are interested in learning more about?

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Evocation is my forte with 2 years under my belt. I primarily work with infernal demons but occasionally I like to work with Grand Angels.
I have manifested quite a lot as you could imagine.

I want to help beginners. However, I do wish to learn about spirits that I may not have heard of? Though, I currently own all of E.A Koettings grimiores. I just use those demons and the ones that I get reccomnded to me by demons or that come to me directly.

The main reason I am here is, as I said, to help beginners and more specifically, the community in general.
I work with demons a lot so I get a lot of knowledge from them that I write down. I would love to share that.

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Welcome to the community!

I just found it today, so I don’t know as much as you do, but I’m glad you decided to engage! :blush:

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Welcome @Abimelech

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’ve been practicing for two years, and mainly in EA’s system?

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Also, I am going to be working on a couple of free books this year for this community. My up coming path working with Azazel and Ant’harratu is going to be incredible. I want to bring new information to the table for beginners and adepts alike.

Do you have experience in any systems or traditions outside of EA’s?

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No I don’t. I never needed too. Maybe they could potentially benefit me in some manner. I never actually thought about it until now. Lol.

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Is there any benefits of learning new systems? I don’t like elaborate rituals. I keep it simple. The only tool I use that isn’t necessary is the universal circle.

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There is always a benefit to learning something new, or how to do something in a new way. It strengthens you as a magician, and provides a wider arsenal of techniques. I originally came to EA’s system after several years in traditional ceremonial magick systems, for example.

What were your magickal results like before and after finding EA’s system of ritual evocation? We’re you attaining the results you wanted?

I have a thirst for power that can not be quenched. I believe such is the attributes of a true black magician. I do not want to waste my time dabbling in a system that will give me the same results. I need to push every second of the day towards my goals. Like a tornado.

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I’ve travelled a similar route in my practice as EA describes of his own in his books. I had decent success with the ceremonial systems I was practicing, but I wanted more, and my life circumstances at the time did not permit me to follow the full traditions I was studying. I got my hands on the original release of Works of Darkness, and liked the simplified approach to demonic magick, which was something I had only dabbled with before, having mainly worked with angels and elementals at the time. I eventually combined elements of the systems I was already proficient in with his, which, I feel personally elevated my game. Now, I tend to use whichever technique will best serve my purpose, though EA’s stuff still forms a cornerstone of my personal practice.

I tend to follow EA’s dictum, “All that brings power should be possessed,” so I don’t cut myself off from anything that might offer me a new way or path to what I seek.