Hello, I am new here. New to any contact with dark spirits or entities. I am reluctant due to my catholic upbringing. Seeking clarification because I am open minded and hope to lessen my fears. I am also here because I am seeking help as I have had 2 hard breakups with 2 important men in my life, my ex boyfriend of 7 years that I broke up with in May but I am still in love with and my dad who just abandoned my mom and our family after 50 years together without saying a word to anyone and just up and left the country. I am very hurt, feel abandoned, unloved, etc. I tried a few spells for my boyfriend to come back because he is involved with someone already who is clearly with him for his money. She doesn’t care of his cheating past at all. She is everything he said he didn’t want. I have a lot of regrets of things I wish I’d done in the relationship and I want another go at it if it can be fixed. However with her in the way it’s not likely to happen. I also may have told almost everyone he knows on social media about his cheating and the lies he told. No one believed it though and now he blames me for it. I want to clear any negative thinking he may have of me. A lady worked on a bottle spell to separate the two and a st Martha candle to bring him back 2 months ago but it didn’t work in fact they seem more in love and are predicted to be busoness partners and make a ton of money together. He was very good at making money. She’s not rich but he is. I still have feelings for him. Any help for both men to come back with apologies and love are very welcome since nothing has worked.


Where are you from?

Are the love spells you tried your only experience with magick?

Welcome to the forum :wave:t4::smile:

Welcome to the forum.

I am in the US. Yes. I did try a lemon spell but it seemed to backfire because he was angry at me instead of her. I tried visualization to make him call me but it didn’t work. Instead another guy I haven’t heard from in ten years emailed me so that might have backfired too. I do think he was born lucky and has a lot of luck. He is clever, convincing, and money easily comes to him. I don’t see karma taking care of any wrongs he did in the past. Hes too lucky. I want to diminish that luck and let her go far away from him. I had a lady online who says she works with Paimon to quickly break up couples but i am reluctant to try that not knowing what I am getting myself into. Will I go to hell if there is such a place or will I have entities get in my head or follow me around?

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So your only experience is the attempted love spells. Thank you for elucidating more.