My name is Dan. I am proffesional ghost hunter, parapsychologist, ex witch, paranormal investigator and ive seen many demons, ghosts, specters, gods and many other supernatural beings. I’ve being a hunter since a demon tried to attack me so im looking for a way to get my revenge. For now i am in need of a assistance from anyone who has information. I am looking to summon the demon Abbadon to do my deed as i said in my last post i have the incantation and the sigil but i need sonething else like a herb or anything…please it is urgent. its a matter of life and death!

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So…you’re looking to evoke a Goetic King when you actively hunt demons for “revenge”? Something seems a little odd here…


Hi Dan

I know it seems weird but I need her/him in this realm. And if something goes wrong I’ll banish her/him


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You should look in the tutorials area.


You look like a pretty experienced witch

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Um not much. Knowledgeable yes. But experienced, not very much

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knowledgeable in what frields of magick if i may ask

In general let’s say.

Welcome to the forum Dan. :wave:t4::blush: