Introduction :)🎩

hi ! i’ve been on this site for a whileee , and i love it , but just finally signed up . :slight_smile: this site helps me with everything i need when i need to do ritualssss and spellss . i am soooo thankfulll.

for some things about me : i am a necromancer and a sorcerer . summoning demons is my thinggg . i treat them as a normal human because they have souls too obviously . never once had a bad encounter . i just love channeling the dead :). king paimon was the first i summoned , and he is my familiar , and needless to say my favorite demon , which assists me in much areas of need , if so. i loveeee mind control and psychology :). i am a tarot/ oracle card reader, earth angel, intuitive, healer, empath and spiritual guide . i am here to help awaken others. clairvoyance is my main, favorite clarity. i am a seer. seeing things in the future future and i have nothing to do but keep my knowledge :pleading_face:. i feel as if i can’t see like reality anymore though lmao , i’m always being given visions and it just takes me out of reality :joy:. but it’s okay. i embrace my gift . also a skill of mine is seeing into past lives . i can help you align you with your past lives , which gets you closer to your soul . and finally, very into magic. i always had belief for everything . i can make anything happen if i wanted it to :relieved::nazar_amulet:

more facts about meeee :
aries sun , libra rising , cancer moon :crystal_ball:
highly evolved soul . :prayer_beads: (magician in many lives)
dimension jumper :hole:

  • always down for a good spiritual convo / reading , just let me know .
  • definitely forgot a lot , so, if anyone has any further questions , please feel free to ask ! :tophat:


How long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

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thank you !!

i’ve practiced pretty much my whole life. incorporating little magic things into my life. i always just wanted to have at least a little belief that there was something more than what was there . i’ve consciously been practicing and actually getting into it for at least three years. i know it doesn’t seem like much , but tripping realllyy helps align myself with my soul , and gain my wisdom from past lives . i do a lot of spells and summoning , and i don’t really need objects to aid me in my practices . the power of my mind is enough :). i feel as if i know everything but nothing :woman_in_lotus_position:. demons are really good teachers too :joy:.

ehh . i’m buddhist and kinda go by as wiccan , but kind of have the left-hand path mixed in. i just go by whatever i want , as i’m the one who manifests my own reality :sun_with_face::prayer_beads:

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Welcome :blush:

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I love psychology too

Welcome .

Ps . Love the hat .

M down for some good spiritual convo too .

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thank you thank youuu !! :relieved: @Angliaenchantress82

awesome :’) and thank you so muchh .

ayeee , we real magicians out hereeee :joy:
and yessss , i’m totally down for a convo . feel freee to dm meeee or somethinggg

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Welcome to the forum, great to have you here :wave:t4::grinning:

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thanks girllll ! :dizzy:

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