Hello BALG friends! I have been following E.A. for some time now, and I needed to make an account for the forum, and one of the thing suggested was to introduce one’s self. So here goes!

My current spiritual practices only include some meditation, little bit of martial arts, keeping a dream journal, reading the tarot from time to time…nothing too intense. I also make a habit of studying the Bible with the Jehova’s Witnesses, simply because they are always willing to teach, however twisted their vision of the Bible might be, at least it’s free to learn from them and they are pretty welcoming. At least it keeps me thinking about god and those things, something I would not do if I was alone.

I believe in some form of reeincarnation, I believe in and afterlife, in the existence of spirits/demons/whatever, although in my whole life i have seen nothing paranormal. I have slept in cemeteries, I have tried -not very hard tho- to summon spirits and befriend entities - I have at one point or another had altars for Eleggua, Vajrayogini, or Milarepa. But I have not received any “signal”, I have not seen any confirmation, I have not been contacted by any entity or spiritual group.

So here I am, living in Vietnam, 12 timezones away from my birthplace and my family. Working as a web designer and lazily reading spiritual books and trying to make sense of this confusing existence. I don’t feel like I need any black magic, my life has been improving slowly for the past few years, I used to be depressed as hell - the whole deal: cutting, drinking, self-loathing. Now I am much more cheerful (or so I would say), and I don’t really need much from life. Just some food, cash for beer, and a little bit of weed now and then.

So thank you all for being here, and if you would want to discuss any of these topics, I’d be much more than interested!

  • Chi gong, specially the Chi gong practiced by falun gong (regardless of their beliefs). Are their exercises useful at all?
  • Sexuality and reconducting your sexual energy. I wake up every morning thinking about sex and I masturbate probably every day or once every two days. I’d love to be able to put this energy to a different use. What about Mantak Chia?
  • Breathing and breathwork. I have been told before by a wise lady that “you breath as if you didn’t get enough oxygen”. And I certainly feel like I can’t take a deep breath through my nose. Would love to know if there are any exercises to open your nasal passages or something like that to breathe better. Holotropic breathwork? Getting high on breathing?
  • Good ways to reprogram your image of yourself: I think my self-esteem is not as good as it could be, and I have lots of ideas for new projects but I always end up doing nothing purely out of fear. I would want to become a badass motherfucker who knows what he wants and gets what he desires. Even if that is living in the middle of a mountain eating nettles and praying all day.
  • The tarot: How to read it better? How to develop your creative abilities? Also psychomagic, Jodorowsky and all that jazz

That’s all for now, thanks for taking the time to read all the way till the end! May all of us find what we are looking for!


Welcome to the BALG forum.

So, if I am understanding correctly, you do not practice magick?

Welcome to the forum.

Hi there

If by “magick” you mean the classic definition of “causing change on the world based on your will” then I guess yes, I do practice magick. Through affirmation and meditation I try to change myself, because I believe changing myself will ultimately change the world around me.

I just don’t subscribe to any particular doctrine so my practices are very basic and simplistic in nature. Saying Hello to myself every morning upon awakening, and wishing myself a good day. Writing positive words every night before going to sleep. Doing guided meditations to visualize myself in a mental state that I want to achieve. Those kinds of things.


Hi @bhava, welcome to the forum :wave:t5::blush:

Welcome :blush: