Greetings, My name is Stephen and I live in the Pacific Northwest about 30 miles north of Seattle. I’m likely older than most here, old enough to be retired and a grandfather several times over. I’ve been on a spiritual journey for nearly 50 years now. Through a number of Eastern religions, primarily yoga and Buddhism. In the end I decided that becoming an undifferentiated drop in the cosmic ocean was no more appealing than spending eternity in some kind of heaven worshipping a god with people I wouldn’t associate with in this life. That led me to Norse paganism, then to the Old Craft, especially the teachings available through the Cultus Sabbati and Andrew Chumbley. From there to Asenath Mason and Michael Kelly. So in a sense it seems my life was all a prelude to finding the LHP at this time of that life. I’m here because I know a few things but realize there’s a lot more I don’t know, and the tenets of the LHP make a whole lot of sense to me. A good solid grounding in the LHP seems like the right thing to do for what time remains to me here, and there seems no better way to do that than to be among people with more experience in this area to listen, learn and put what I learn into practice. I hope that all makes sense. I’ve done few spells in my life, had things come to me when I needed them, and had a number of lucid dreams where I’ve met a few spirit people. But there’s still much more to learn and experience.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

Welcome to the forum.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

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Hi Stephen, welcome to the friendly forum, great to have you here :wave:t5::blush:

Thank you, I appreciate the welcome.