Hello everyone,

For privacy, reasons want to go by the name Rosalie I’m currently a newbie at magick but I’m getting better each day with magick. Despite that, I use d a lot of divination tools before like the Ouija boards, tarot cards, pendulums, and other things too well. The magick style that I burrow from is ceremonial magick kind of like old school magick of the hermetic order of the golden dawn. I love hearing people’s experiences that why I joined this forum. I don’t really like showing my face but here picture.

I hope to learn more from you all.



How long have you been practicing?

Any experience outside of the Golden Dawn system?

Is there a particular area of study that you are interested in?

Welcome. If you don’t mind me asking, is that - recent photo? You feel rather sad in heart.

I’ve been doing it on and off through my teens but it was only dabbling into the craft of wicca with what little I could, due to one of my parent being devoutly religious. I still get a lot of criticism for practicing meditation and magick too. In adulthood I started reading the lesser and greater key of Solomon. that eventually got me reading High Magick by Damien Echols/.

I love studying angels, demons, and any other deities.


Oh that I don’t like smiling in pictures and I don’t like taking pictures of myself. Yeah it s one of my most recent ones.

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Oh well it just seemed like you were kinda upset there so I was like. Well maybe it’s old or maybe someone should check and see if she’s good :slight_smile:

I really don’r like people seeing my face. I know people who love post images of themselves on social media and just can’t bring myself do that or even smile in one.


You can take it down if you like. Many members never post one, some people live in areas where they could still be persecuted for what we practice here so.

Do as you will with it. It’s nice but not absolutely required.

I don’t smile much for pictures, either. I’m not likely to be smiling when I get pulled over…or have to socialize in large crowds…or have to socialize in general…

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know that feeling even simple such as meditation have gotten me into hot water with my family member into disproving it.

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Same, I’n really bad at it. Especially socializing. Thank you for welcoming me.

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No worries. There are people of all sorts of disciplines here, so use the tutorials and search function. Again, welcome.