Hello, everyone. I’ve been a longtime lurker of this forum so I finally decided to become an active participant!

My name is Holly. I’m in the southern US. I come from a generational line of witches (skipped my grandmother & mother, however, but I got the good stuff), & I suppose you could best describe me as a chaos magickian? I don’t really like to label my craft, though. I’m very fond of the Goetic spirits, but work with many more of all origins & elements, of course. Forneus is my matron spirit; she presents herself to me as female & admittedly, I’d be quite lost without her.

I’m experienced in all sorts of work from the most baneful to the sweetest, loveliest kind, but I always have room for growth & just like anyone, sometimes I need a little help & advice myself.

Happy to finally be a part of the forum. I hope you’re all doing well!

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How long have you practiced?

Are you initiated in any recognised traditions of witchcraft?