Hey everyone. I’ve been lurking for a few months here, and finally decided to step into the fray.

I have a bit of experience with spirits, and visualizations… I guess I don’t really now how to contextualize my experience? But just generally assume I understand most western symbolism. I hope that’s sufficient, as I have seen many people be chewed out for not introducing themselves.

Thank you.

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I have to change my terrible profile picture. I put it as my email’s pfp when I was much younger and never changed it.

I was gonna comment on how cute it was actually lol.

I mean, look at mine.

Anyways, welcome to the forum, how many years have you been in occult and what do you spesifically practice these days?

About a year. Not much of interest to anyone here. Kind of personalized and unexplainable stuff.

As a side note, I phoenixes and their symbolism. I have to look for a good looking one now.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new things.

My favorite part of the Phoenix is how they evolve. Death is a symbolic way to shed one form and awaken into another. I have always loved the visage of a Phoenix, but that might have something to do with the destruction and allure of a world in flames and a divine beast.

In worlds of medieval fantasy, one of the closest things to a god was a Phoenix. What is more godlike than surpassing death, making new life from it? This trait was reflected from the idealizations of man. Little could they comprehend that art imitates life as desire imitates man.

Death is a virtue in many cases.

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What brings you here then, if you are not going to actually tell us what you practice?

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I don’t know my labels. I’m sorry. But I can show you what I practice, I suppose.

I have no routine as of now. Most of my workings of great significance are linked in with my everyday life, as my life is directed boundlessly towards growth. I am still spinning around with expanding my awareness and learning manifestation. I have worked through the sephiroth tree once.

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Thank you for providing something concrete about your practice.

We discuss many magical paths here, and it is helpful to know where a newcomer stands in their knowledge and practice because it helps us to provide appropriate direction, as well as to properly evaluate any advice the newcomer may choose to give.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time down the rabbit hole that is BALG.


Welcome to the forum !