Hello everybody! My name is Griffen — yes, with a damn “e”.
I’ve been studying the occult (LHP) for four years, but I only started practicing a year ago, when I realized that I was becoming an “eternal-student-of-magick”, just reading other people’s experiences and information; never doubting, never looking for my own experiences. It’s horrible to have to deconstruct all the “truths” that you put in your mind based on other people’s experiences, never testing anything. It really limited me. And, in the first contradiction that appeared between the various pieces of information, I found a way to ignore it - obviously, it resulted in mental confinement.
My practices were few, but most were successful.
I’m interested in threads about lucid dreams, soul travel, meditation and TGS methods, theories about beyond death, planes of existence, etc.
I’ve been reading threads here for a long time, but I never started an account, so … Here I go.


Welcome to the forum.

What do you practice?

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Well, I have experiences with Goetia and Djinn magick, but lately I have been interested in shamanism.

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Welcome to the forum !

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