Hello friends! My name is charis. I am from Massachusetts in the US. I have been practicing magick for as long as I can remember as it was what I grew up with. I have a natural ability for clairvoyancey. I will often dream of those who have passed and often how I get my messages. I have been pursuing the left hand path now for about 5 years as well as continuing my learnings from childhood in my own family- yes I come from a. Family of witches. Our abilities are deeply ingrained in our genetics from mother to daughter. I came upon this site to learn about Evoking spirits and entities to work with and for protection. It’s like I feel like I am home here just reading through everything. I use scrying, talking boards, tarot, as well as many practises through meditation. I hope to broaden my horizon and attain a level of ability that will bring me true happiness and success. I’m looking forward to all that this site has to offer. Thank you


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Welcome to the BALG forum.