Hello members.

I am Mana and I’m from India. And I’m following Ars Goetia from past 8 months. I’ve been on and off summoning Duchess Bune and I got really amazing result with her. She is amazing. And showed me how to be better at people convincing.

I am starting studying Tarot reading and dream working. I don’t gave much experience in spirit working.

Through this forums and with all the help i can get I want to learn everything I can.

Thank and sorry for the late introduction


Oh, snap, I love India!

Welcome to the forum. Where are you looking to take your practice in the future?

Thank you @Cherrybloss for doing an introduction as requested. Welcome to the forum.

I’m to looking forward to becoming a better person you know. And personally I have always had a keen interest in psychic abilities so I am hoping to develop mine with the help of the wonderful spirits.

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