Hello. Am introducing myself. I am Mago1. Have used old school, country magic before. Am pursuing interests in love magic.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, but please tell us more about yourself and your experience. This doesn’t tell us much.

Where do you hail from?

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

What is “old school country magic?”

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Cool and Welcome!

What kind of Country Magic did you use? Where did you learn it?

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It was like Appalachian root magic/egg magic. Yeah, you read that right. Knew some Kentucky people when I lived there. :muscle:


Thanks, shadow1111.

Not judging. My grandma used to live in Southern Indiana, near the border with Kentucky, long before I was born. She would sometimes talk about folk “cures” and things like that before she got serious about her religion.

I hail from Birmingham. Started doing the country magic circa 2001. Country would be aka “Pioneer Magic” or “Kentucky Magic” going back to the 1700s, I believe and may have been of Scots-Irish origin with Voodoo elements added.


norse900: Yes. You are on the right track. Supposedly there was a large Voodoo contingent in Louisville; the largest one outside of New Orleans. The Louisville slaves were big on it and some of their practices were picked up by whites.

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To be more concise: Old school Magic could be described as medicinal root cures, banishing and energy clearings with eggs as in to prevent unwanted attention or gossip, there was some kind of invisibility spell where you didn’t disappear but nobody would notice you. Water witching/dowsing was part of country magic too. While the spells were of differing efficacies, strange things/ info could be heard in the limbo states just before going to sleep or awakening. Spirits may not always be truthful so be skeptical of anything you may garner.