Hello. I am a new member to your forums. My notification said to introduce myself, so that is what I am doing.

My name is Nate and I am very green to magick.

I got started down the esoteric rabbit hoke when (during a dark period of my life frought with intense suffering) I got really blazed and unintentionally cracked open my 3rd eye temporarily. I then had the revelation that we are all God. THE God. The ONE God. All of us. Out separation is an illusion.

I then was introduced to some channeled material that I now recognize to be possibly the most devious spiritual text in tgis planet’s history. Nonetheless, it lead me further down the rabbit hole, despite it’s horrendous distortions.

After several years of working through my issues, I made contact with a very powerful sorceress who had studied for several years under the tutelage of an incredibly powerful dark wizard, having joined one of the elite LHP orders that run the planet. She left once she had developed unconditional love for her master, as such a state renders one useless for black magick.

After asking some questions about Left Handed Path out of sheer curiosity, I eventually began learning the kabbalah from her.

At some point we made friends, the ancient wizard who created her escaped from the astral realms and fused with her consciousness and now that is who I study under, although I am still a noob, and apparently a fool, according to my current teacher LOL

(Apparently, this is a good thing though)

I am on this site mostly just to learn whatever I can that may be useful in mu seeking.

Currently, I am cultivating the attitude and practices of a warrior, while working to heal buried trauma, clear my horrendously blocked lower 3 chakras and heal my fear of death by facing it instead of burying the subsequent emotions.

Towards this end, I consider it useful to get into scrying and working with thought forms.

It is my intention to heal myself by working with the thoughforms: Babaji, Gaia and Eir.

At some point, I intend to incorporate other thoughtforms and when I am skilled enough, create my own.

Until then, I am mostly focused on muggle stuff. It us my virw that to be a proper adept, one must be a proper muggle first; to master Malkuth before entering the Tau and making way to Yesod.

I am preparing to enter the Tau and face death.

Thank you all for your time and I look forward to learning from you.


Hi there! :smiley:

Sorry your intro got caught in our automated spam filter, that was a mishap that happens once in a blue moon, but you’re good to go now. :+1:


Understood. Thanks :slight_smile:

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