So…here it goes! My name is Sen.
I have never done magic at all until recently, started reading the modern magic by Donald Michael Kraig(1 month into it) although i was always able to focus on my finger tip and it would feel like something is there lol been able to do that since i was uh…hm first grade(discovered it during nap time lol) obviously i didnt know what it was at the time. But now i think its energy lol still feeling doubtful even though at this very moment it feels like the area under my stomach is tingling/vibrating lol cant explain but it gets stupid strong at night and almost non existent in the mornings.
So during my puberty years…well i did a lettering of intent to Lilith(2009). And i didnt think it worked …so i did it again(2016) didnt know if it worked or not but what i am feeling recently may have been a yes.
Had trouble with depression/anxiety and ptsd all rolled into one and had a mental breakdown about 1 month ago. But all good now :smiley:
I guess im here to learn how to communicate with spirits and work with them.
As far as feeling spirits, when i feel a touch, its like a tiny tingling with a slight heat and usually at the spot where i visualize.(i thought they touch wherever they want?)
Hearing spirits - well this is a tough one lol i feel like i have schizophrenia :rofl: but idk i get names in my head randomly and comments that may or may not be mine…i even started doing things differently such as driving a different route or go for a drive and have a conversation in my mind…
I Feel like im losing my mind but something in my head tells me that itll all be ok lol feels like im tripping :rofl:
Intense pressure on forehead, feel like someone is poking it or moving the inside of my brain because i can feel the pressure shift.

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welcome to the forum!
I have the same voice thing in my head too lol I think it is both a spirit or spirits speaking to us as well as our higherselves at times. I do just randomly talk to myself and argure randomly about things and a dialog is carried out like a debate lol It has helped solve some problems though :thinking: I can tell when it is just my mind speaking to me. If you can learn to separate your own internal dialog (your mind) you will begin to tell the difference between yourself speaking and a spirit speaking. For me it is a 24/7 thing like a radio that stays on.

Hope you find all that you seek here! There are plenty of helpful threads on just about everything.

Welcome :blush: