Introduction+Vampirism question

haha, it;s alright mate. At least you cared to try to answer it. You did give me some tips. Which is everything i could ask for on a forum really.

I did the banishings yesterday. I also asked Raziel to help me if he noticed i could need help.
The feelings of hands touching me have completely vanished today.

I guess i’ll have to experiment and see what happens. I’ll notice how the annoying bf behave today and vampirize him once more. Will pay attention if those feelings occur again.

likely someone is trying to contact you.

It is in the introductions guidelines for a reason. And is the simple fact that we have members all around the world and, in some places, practicing magick can be a crime, such as some countries in Africa. That way we can advise the person better about certain things without pointing at something that may be a danger for them.

Other than that, the last time I asked, the person said they are from a Spanish speaking country, so they were added to the private PM for Spanish speakers.

So, yes. It IS important.

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Alright, good to know!

not a crime being a witch here. hm… i speak engish, i speak spanish, i speak a bit of french… i also speak a bit of portuguese…

If i just say “US” will this thing stop? Again… this is not the point of the post. I’m not trying to be added to any private anything (unless you’ve a private group on how to posses people)

I was just looking for a answer to that question about vampirism and odd physical feelings. No need to drama of any kind… moving on…

On an interesting note, my cats started to behave weird. Like running away from me…
hm… the bf seems less loudy.
More observation needed.

I think offense is taken when there isn’t a proper apology. You may not have meant to be rude, but your reply implied that these are silly, trivial questions that do not matter. And, instead of simply saying that you are sorry, you created excuses and further implied that no offense should have been taken.

I don’t mean to start anything here. I had to learn how to properly apologize to other people, and not everyone is self aware of these things.

Welcome to the forum! I suggest doing some reading up by using the search function on vampyrism just in case there lies an answer to your question, and you’ll probably learn some other good information in the mean time.

I would help but I’m not personally knowledgeable on the subject.

well they do not matter to me. Nor have i asked a question about that. If you’re not gonna actual answer the question of the topic there’s no reason to answer this at all.
I DID use the search. I’m not sure what is the point of saying that (specially when it has already been suggested in the topic). If YOU cared to use the search function you’d see that there’s no topic about vampirism that answer my question. At least i coudn’t find one. Therefore this topic.