Introduction+Vampirism question

Hello. I’m pretty new to Magick. Have read a few of GOM books (Magickal Angels and whatnot) finished reading Kingdom of Flames the other day. Anyway, i’m a novice.

Question about Vampirism:

I vampirized someone for the first time today. I usually visualize my left hand black but this time i visualized it more redish with a vampire mouth, similar to the cover of The Infernal Vampire Handbook by D. H. Thorne (I havent read the book yet but i used that imagery). I visualized my grabbing on the belly of this annoying loud boisterous disrespectful fellah who my cousin is dating. I did it once, they were in a close room in my house. He just left the house right away with a loud boisterous bad temper.
The day went by and i felt like hands touching my body. Like on the side of my abdomen. Just like little pressures out of nowhere. I mostly ignored it and went on with my day. It mostly faded away.
The annoying boyfriend returned later on. I decided to it again but instead of just pulling the energy inside of me i tried to push to the earth to maybe ground it. For whatever reason it looked a bit nasty, like dirty yellow liquidy mist (i didn’t force that imagery, it just looked like that for whatever reason). I tried to visualized it being transmuted into a bit less nasty looking color. Then pulled it back to my energy center around the navel.
WELL… those pressures like touching started again more intensely. Now also on my throat. And on my heart. It felt like it was aiming for my chakras. IDK
Anyway… has anyone ever felt something like that when they started vampirizing.

I did the banishing from the KOF book and did a LBRP. The feeling of touching over my body mostly went away but i lay down i feel this pressure on my belly almost from the inside. Idk, might be gas lol. I’m pretty new to this. I have no idea what’s happening right now.

Welcome @Hidden_God Pelase tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice and how long have you practiced it? All you have told us so far is that you have read a few books.

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?

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I would edit the first post but i cant.
So, don’t think i wanna say where i’m from just because i’m paranoid like that. haha. It’s on earth tho. :lying_face:

i’m so much of a novice that i’m not sure what you mean by systems or traditions. The pointing of the books was to point that that’s pretty much the extent of magick i’ve practiced. Mostly Angels, a few demons (DOM).

Have been “practicing” (if i can call it that) for like 1 year.
I started thinking about vampirism after a dream i had… i think with one of the Goetia beings. Anyway, i found myself vampirizing someone from their belly in the the dream so… that.

I recently had an experience where Arachne sent my mind flying through a dark void ending in a dark space with some Lovecraftian looking creatures and a bunch of dark energy was poured into me. After that i went through some really stressful and quite unpleasant period that freed me from a bunch of bounds and chains i had on my mind (some aparently put there by myself over the years). I came to the realization that i might die soon… might as well live my will without care for other’s sense of right or wrong. Before that i’ve walked almost only the light angelic path.

At the moment i’m trying to figure out if karma exist… and if it does… how to avoid it completely…

I’m also interested in learning how to transmute energy properly.

my DREAM (if one can dream) is to learn how to possess someone. COMPLETELY… and forever.
Being able to take someone else’s body. That would be freedom wouldn’t it?
Anyway… not saying that such thing is possible or not. But the dream is the dream.

I’m not sure where to go for now. I assume i’m in a period of transition magickally.


Don’t be a smart ass. :roll_eyes:

The point of our introduction rule is to provide some basic biographical and magical information so we can get to know you as more than just a name on a screen. Where you’re from doesn’t have to be your home address and zip code, just the general point. It’s enough to say something like the US, or Canada, or Europe.


wans’t trying to be an smart ass. I guess i just suck at humor.

I still wont say where i’m from tho. I’m sure the moderation can see if they need.

Anyway… how about my question?

I have always wondered why you always asked where they were from? I feel like that would make people uncomfortable, but I dunno. Not accusing you of anything, I just don’t know the relevance.

I remember it making me uncomfortable when you asked. Like “What’s so important about that?” Sorry if that’s offensive somehow

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You are finding your path coming to an impasse; you are treated as you treat others. NOt as a moral law, but as a fundamental truth of the the laws of existene.

You, too, are subject to those laws as things stand, which means you too will face what happens from your beliefs.

You might die soon, or you might live longer, but overall the depth of your existence and your imprint upon this grand reality can only be truly discovered by diving within yourself to meet it, and the only way to change your path to the better alignment is to know the path, and know your current path.

Don’t let fear cloud the truth, here. Maybe you’re wrong about dying, or maybe you’re not. Dive deep, and learn.

But knowledge of death and acceptance of it is a nyxian (I want to say that for some reason, but I mean DARK) energy. It isn’t necessarily spelling your demise, but coming to terms with it. Do your thing.

Everyone is, and will be, for the forseeable future.

Sure. Life is transition. But i meant in the sense that of big change. But i’m talking about big change. I’ve tried to stay in the more light angelic path for the most part till now. Till a few months ago i’d have never even considered calling upon a Demon. Now i’ve called a few. And until very recently even tho i had recognized my dark side already i’ve tried to avoid it or even think of it if possible for fear of being judged. Now i’m getting more attuned to it seems like.

Anyway, how about that question about vampirism?? Anyone? I’ve never felt like hands touching me like that before. Only the very occasional “bump” at random

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I must have not seen it


Sorry my perception is being fucked with

Sorry no I completely just was altered mentally

MErcury retrograde. I need to fix this.

Anyways, yeah thats really normal but you need to purify that energy

any tips on energy purification? as i said i trying to ground it and tried to visualized it shifting to lighter color a bit more but i dont think it got as pure as i wish it had. i was afraid the energy would dissipate into gaia.

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Start drawing in energy from your non dominant hand, but before you do, imagine a light energy filter around your hand chakra. Only decent energy can come in, and only good energy can enter. The rest stay on the outside of your hand.

You can also have the filter purify the energies, have it so they cant enter without purifying.

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So you ever felt hands touching you after you vampirized someone? I’m trying to fugure out how common is that and hopefully get some insight into why that happen

We ask that because it’s part of what helps us keep this forum a BIT more real, a BIT more grounded - if everyone is just Spooky-Spirit-Name, location “the aether” it would cause the forum to shift one significant degree closer to the kind of baseless claims and even larping we aim to keep to a workable minimum.

The original logo for this forum used to say “Real Magick, Real Results” - less of the theophanies and being a woo-woo ascended master, or spirit spouse/slave/channel, and far more of the “I did this method and it got me these material results.”

Mysticism (pursuit of spiritual realisations & insights, often accompanied by a burning need to insist others adopt these “truths”) and magick (causing change to occur in conformity to Will) are slightly different and at times, the two can even clash - the forum was originally primarily oreinted towards peer-testing magick and testing to see whether the claims made about it held up under repeated use by many practitioners.

Also, people sometimes find themselves making friends over time and in that case, a shared background or culture can be interesting to help others speak to you as a real person, not just some username.

Also, please try to not be an ass to @DarkestKnight and other members who approach you, we don’t do the “strict small band of moderators watching over naughty members” kindergarten dynamic here, all members are expected to help keep our forum civilised, and we even have a rather unique system of member-moderation, whereby Regular members have mod-like abilities to make title edits, move threads between Categories, and even move a topic entirely off the public forum.

This might all be very different to what you’re used to, and I can appreciate that, we do have a very different approach to most old-style forums. :smiley:


No and its not normal. I’d suggest you to take a look on these 2 posts

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again, wasn’t even trying to be “an ass” to anyone. If i say i’m not comfortable saying where i’m from is not assery. It’s just is. I’m not sure someone has to take personal offense on it. I’m sure you as a moderator can have an idea where i’m from. I’d like my private life to remain my private life tho. I made this account and this topic just to ask a simple question from which only 1 member cared to answer. Well, 2 now.
That’s all… it’s quite simple.
Im going to put the question here once more just for the sake of it:

"Has anyone who any vampires or anyone who has engaged in vampirism in the forum had the experience where they just start feeling hands touching them after vampirizing someone?"

thanks, will check

i didn’t see the “hand” part. That isnt normal. Sorry but this is confusing. I am getting a little overwhelmed.

Not me, at least. I didn’t see that. Jeez

So tired of fucking up

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