Introduction to myself and my experience with Lucifer

Hi all! I happened to find this forum through looking into some dreams I have been having. I recently have been calling out to Lucifer a lot in my dreams mostly since I had a misscarriage earlier this year. He is often either helping me move demons to another plane or giving me some advice. There are a couple of times where I have had sexual encounters with him or been told he will help me only if I had his child. I’m extremely interested in finding out what this could mean. Lucifer takes many human forms in my dreams however always has large brown and white wings or is simply invisible however I can feel him. I’m a very spiritual person however I have never played around with it. I see “shadow people” occasionally and I dream so vividly as if I am living a different life in another plane with multiple powers. Please let me know if there are any threads that relate to any of the above that would be worth looking into.
Lastly thank you for welcoming me into your community :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome!

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That ain t lucifer. Deities don t wanna have sex with you/us :rofl:sorry


How would you know? You have no experience in magick, according to your introduction (and Lucifer is not a deity, by the way).

Sex with spirits is actually a very real, and very common, thing in many spiritual traditions around the world, particularly shamanism, where shamans would take spirit wives who acted as lovers, guides and protectors.