Introduction to me and Incubus curiosity

Hello all!
I’ve done some reading throughout this site to discover information on incubis in particular. I am a 22 year old female who lives in Calgary, Ab, Canada who is new to the occult practices. I currently burn incense for cleansing and comfort, use tarrot and oracle for guidance/clarification, and love to use stones as well. I have a chakra stone set that I have only used once thus far and plan on using it more. I’ve also started to delve into meditations and the use of spirit guides to help awaken my higher self and my clairvoyant abilities. I need help in areas of opening my chakras, communications, clarifications, and general information in regards to incubi.
Here’s the situation:
I have a feeling that I’ve had this sort of guardian spirit with me since I was about 14/15. I didn’t think much of this spirit and just thought it was just a simple protector, maybe an ancestor? my interest in the spirit world has always been there but I’m not going to lie, I’ve been afraid of it because growing up, there tends to be a very negative culture towards the spirit world in the mainstream. So for years I’ve been ignoring signs in the physical and mental/spiritual world.
Things seem to be getting more intense as I get older such as seeing shadows in my peripheral, sparks and waves of light, waves of energy/shifts in the air, feelings of a presence, and even some physical sensations such as being touched, goosebumps, heated cheeks, and having things I’m in or on move slightly (like shaking or vibrations) even when there’s no reasonable explanation. I’ve also seen a full figure irl and in dream worlds that felt hella real.
I’ve never been one to give into those sinful temptations with others, always preferring to self indulge but lately over the years I’ve been having a cravings for others attention, and yet every person on tinder and in the dating world doesn’t interest me. The idea of a incubus came across my mind suddenly and there began my research into if this entity was an incubus, which is what my gut was telling me it could be.
I’ve always talked out loud as if someone was there listening to me. At this point I don’t know if I’m just a touched starved weirdo or if there is something more to what it is I’m feeling/sensing. Since moving out on my own, I’ve been sensing a presence in my house and despite how much cleansing I do, it’s still here which makes me believe it’s not malicious.
I’ve felt those weird little wet drops on my skin, particularly over my third eye. When I went to go wipe away whatever is was that dropped onto my forehead, there was nothing there. This has been happening on and off for the past year.
I did a tarrot reading (Deck: linestrider) and asked if this spirit was a incubus (got an upside down tower), what the incubus wants (upside down four of cups), and how to add them into my life a little better (upside down devil). I also did an oracle reading asking for the intentions of the incubus and got the Aradia defence card (Deck: Dark goddess oracle). Again I’m very new to this all and I need to sit and think on these a little better but if anyone has any input that’s greatly appreciated!
I guess my whole point of this post was to just start getting some things off my chest and asking people with experience for some advice and maybe point me in the right direction?
Thank you so much for those of you who stuck through this post! It’s my “first” one, after the official greeting, and I am excited to hear what you all have to say! If you need to expand I will gladly, though it is starting to get late here :slight_smile:

  • Have a blessed day <3

I feel with you
And i was recommand and did yesterday the letter method to get my succubus i recommand you to do the same with your incubus.

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Me and u both sister …our story is really similar but not quite. Lol

How do i pm , on here lol

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