Introduction Thread

Hello fellow magicians, decided to make an account after lurking for a while on the forum.

My name is Chris, I started learning about magick for about a week and for now I only worked with love spells, Sitri and Gremory, if you ever ask yourself if you should contact them they are good spirits to start with, as they’ve shown me very fast results so far.

My current goals are to learn as much as possible about magick, practice meditating and to connect with my spirits deeper and better, if you have any tips for me about divination, meditation, and how to proceed further I would be grateful for that!

Current struggles would be that I find it hard to concentrate and get into a deeper state of meditation, so that automatically affects my connection with my spirits during rituals, I still need a lot of knowledge about magick, demons and spirits.

Happy to be here and I hope you will accept me well!


Welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcomeee​:blush::blush::heart: oeh another love magician :wink:

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Welcome to the forum!


Welcome buddy

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