Introduction + Somebody mentor me pls...🙏

Hi, my name is Ayo… am a new born baby to The LHP, in other words am just starting to get familiar with The LHP.
I recently developed a desire for magic which led me to read a book “the satanic Bible” by Szondor LaVey (quite interesting) but because I don’t want to solely depend on my natural ability of understanding lest I might fuck up myself , I decided to look for a platform where like minded people may assist.
Before I came across this platform somebody suggest to me to read literatures by Michael W Ford which am currently studying but stuck in meditation practices which in the quest of clarity and guidance I eventually discovered BALG platform.

I am led to magic cos am tired of the way my life is as at now and l believe with Magic I can be the best version of myself. I wanna live life to the fullness, no struggles of unemployment or being broke that I can’t afford to pay my bills, I want to work the job I desire and am qualified.
I approach every spiritual path with an open mind and am will to learn and being guided.

Anyone to assist me pls?

Welcome to the forum @OwnGod

Do you have any actual experience in maigck?

PS: I’ve edited your title to make it clear this is an introductory post.

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Not yet. I hear, one has to practice meditation and be good at it before attempting any magical practice…So I have been stuck in meditation for I find it very challenging to concentrate …I began a serious pursuit of magic a few weeks ago.

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What country are you from? Do you have access to Amazon Kindle?

Look into the books by Damon Brand and Gordon Winterfield. They can provide you with magick you can do that doesn’t require any psychic development.

Am from South Africa… Thanks so much. Let me check them out asap…:wink:

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