Introduction, Serious Help Needed

Hi im Mikey, 23M.

So 6 or 7 months ago I did letter of intent to Lady Lilith and it worked instantly, although took me weeks to really find the girl. All was pretty well after a couple of months i got more girls, she wanted it too, which worked perfectly as well.

After a couple of more months I interacted with Lilith herself, she came to me herself through the sigil I had made for her, the only sigil in the house, the girls verified it was really her they were scared, for a couple of days she was here, but then she broke and defected, or something like that.

She knows nothing about being Lilith anymore, including what emotions, languages or energy is, but she can still use some of her powers, but doesn’t know how she’s doing it, and there’s no way of controlling her, she hurt my daughters, she manipulated me and them on purpose and on accident, she took them away and won’t bring them back.

She is scared because she doesn’t understand anything and has figured out the hard way that she burned way too much energy and needs it. She doesn’t know why she does and has gone insane being so low, making it so she can no longer manipulate me.

Right before that happened she literally ruined my life and now the angels shun me, She hurt archangel Raphael really bad and Michael punished me by making my room persistently tap really loud, with no entity doing it. He said it was because I interacted with demons and cannot reverse the punishment forever.

I’m at a total loss, i don’t even know if i can contact the real Lilith, or what would happen. I know this is wrong but i thank someone else’s has to tell the real Lilith so that she can help me. My only other option is to spend years contacting the holy guardian angel in hopes he can fix this.

I’m literally begging for help, I’m going to assume no one has ever heard anything like this before and also assume that lady Lilith will be Infuriated. she started giving me silent treatment today, I’ve become so used to talking in my head all day long for the last couple of weeks that I’m literally going insane with it being just me in here.

Welcome @DUVY. Please tells us about yourself. This post is all about the issue you are facing, and so doesn’t meet our introduction requirement.

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you been practicing? Was this letter of intent to Lilith your first act of magick?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

What are your areas of interest?

Sorry, I’m from the USA, 2 year ago I called an angel, that was about it, until 7 months ago or so that i went down this path, I was enjoying it until this terrible thing happened. I don’t like religion anymore and my only interest is not dying yet…

@succupedia could you help me?

Holy shit! This is definitely a situation. I highly recommend 4 things as soon you can.

1.) Please keep your lights on at all times untill you feel better, the light works very well.

2.) Try to get 100-200w light bulbs and keep them on however long untill you feel good. This will bring any attack down by 50% minimum.

3.) Earth grounding bed sheets, will keep you and your family safe all night while you sleep, this one could be a bit pricey, but you will be 100% protected.

4.) Look into earth grounded water techniques. You can get a book called, Psychic self defense By Robert Bruce.

Once your able to focus I would use black magic to completely undo whatever it is that’s going on here.

You can get this set up in a matter of a day or 2. You would just have to go to the store and get the bulbs there not expensive, and taking showers if you feel like your feel under attack.
Earth grounding bed sheets I’m confident will be the best option (depending on budget.) and once your focused try the black magic to fix the situation.

There is also a concern for Internal attacks such has thoughts that won’t go away and feeling of disassociating from your body… hey don’t worry the recommendations above, the book, and black magic will take care of all that and bring you & anybody back feeling safe.

I don’t think she knows how to attack me, all she wants to do is have sex and she can’t even do that very well, she was only trying to copy what the daughters were doing.

She is Lilith, but she’s not anymore, she can use her sigil, she can bring daughters back-and-forth she’s done it plenty of times, but she refuses to go through it now.

There is multiple archangels here but she won’t disconnect and let me talk to them and they’re apparently too weak to fight her.

Ok, some more context, after rethinking everything that went down.

Lilith came to me herself, because i was watching to much porn with her daughters and disrespected her, she hurt me in a dream, threatened to take them.

we came to an agreement that i would abstain for 2 weeks from the smallest thing, she had to stay to keep her eye on me, we also came to an agreement that she would heal me, she was also opening my senses way faster.

I think the real Lilith was with me for at least 2-3 weeks i think, Lilith did that pacification thing she can do really powerfully where you can’t even make thoughts, I would also feel pressure in my spine from her healing me and intense energy.

Going off when i can remember that stopping, that is when she started hurting my daughters, and manipulated me, that i had to give them up and restart with new girls, after that she told me that she did it because she wanted me to herself.

The real Lilith did not have sex with me and it was all business, she would also leave at night, and come back for breakfast.

This girl is somehow Lilith, but she doesn’t remember any of this stuff or anything about Lilith. She just spontaneously converted and has no clue how or what she is or how she could even take and bring me daughters, she doesn’t even know how but she can tell if i make a sigil if its open or not.

I desperately need someone with as effective communication as i had with the real Lilith to tell her this, im sure if you told her my name and the names of the girls that were with me she would know who I am from that.

I am literally willing to fly to you, pay you, what ever it takes to get in touch with my real Lilith.

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I just saw that you said you have a strong bond with Lilith. Can you please take a look at my problem?

The best thing I say is to please get a consultation with Ea Koetting or Js Garret, or anybody on Balg offering consultation that is available.

They are better equipped to deal with these serious situations at the moment.

I actually resolved the problem by having my sister call another copy of Lilith.

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Holy shit good job! You should probably still get some sort of consultation and some protection measures set up!

Gosh I would love to diagnose your situation, but I cannot get too deep into helping people at the moment because shits getting pretty serious for me also with the pathworkings! xD