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Hi, my name is Simon and I’ve recently decided to dedicate myself to the Left Hand Path after thinking about it for years. But the only real source of information i’ve had for this untill coming across E.A. Koettings youtube channel was the website Joy of Satan. They talk about an initiation ritual to the Left Hand Path which I was planning on doing on the 21st of January, since there’s the super blood wolf moon. But now i found out about Koetting and Garrett performing the Sword of Azazel ritual and after reading up on it, i just had this strong gut feeling that i should take part in it, because it really seems to offer everything I had hoped to find and I am willing to keep my end of the bargain. Now comes my question: Since all my info up untill now comes from JoS, i have come to believe that I would have to perform the initiation or blood pact with Satan, before undergoing the initiation with Azazel. Is this true or could I instead just join in the Sword of Azazel ritual without any previous initiation? And if it is true, would it be too short of a time gap between initiations?
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I really don’t know.
But thanks in advance for any answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forum.

No, you do not have to do anything with Satan in order to participate in the Sword of Azazel pact. They have nothing to do with each other.

Most of what the JoS teaches is just plain nonsense.


Okay, good to know, I’ll keep that in mind.

thanks for the help

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You’re welcome.

I have worked with Azazel without ever having done any sort of initiation with Satan so you’re good. I hope you participate in the ritual. It’s going to be awesome :slight_smile:


Same here, I barely work with Satan.


As soon as I found out about the ritual, it felt like butterflies in my stomache. I’m definetly looking forward to it and the journey ahead of me. :grin:


I’m new to these forums, by saying you hope he joins in the ritual do you mean there will one sort of "massive’ ritual that EA will lead? Or is it a ritual i can perform myself?

It is both.

EA and JS Garrett are performing a ritual on January 21 called The Sword of Azazel. It is a mass pact limited to 33 people. Those who participate in it are given, as part of their purchase, the formula for the ritual so they can also perform it themselves.


Ah okay I see, I had heard of the 33 people but wasn’t sure if that was the same thing. Ty!

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: