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Hello all. I’m Jason and I stumbled across this forum while doing some magickal research. I’d like to get to know other fellow magicians so I gave the forum a scan and was delighted to see other practitioners sharing insights and the like.

I’m currently working on a self initiation as described in Franz Bardon’s book Initiation into Hermetics but I also experiment and practice with other various methods. I look forward to learning new things and meeting other fellow occultists.


Welcome to the forum @TzaddiLamed

Where do you hail from?

How long have you been practicing?


Thanks @DarkestKnight

I’m from Alabama in the US and I’ve been practicing since early 2015. My practice didn’t go very far for a while as I had to really get past a lot of dogmatic ideologies from my upbringing. I’ve been more deeply involved in occultism for probably around the past year or so.

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Are you focused mainly on Hermetics?

What else have you dipped your toes into?

At the moment that’s kind of my main discipline but Im working on expanding my practice. I’ve done a little bit of natural magick but not much. I’ve taken an interest in the works of the Gallery of Magick recently and intend to do some work with the Shem-HaMephorash angels.

I’m essentially a pragmatist. I started out with just psionics and chaos magick, but mostly just used sigils since I lacked the discipline for real daily practice for a while. Since I made the commitment to do the work and have worked through a lot of my long held dogmatic ideologies the results have been life changing.

Though I do still remain open minded as I understand my scope of all this is still very limited and there’s a lot out there that I still don’t have an understanding of yet.

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome to the BALG forum.

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