Introduction + Parasite and blockage, help?

Hello! I’m quite excited to have found you! Here is why (please be gentle with me, I am new and know very little): Since I can remember I have been clairsentience and clairrecognizance and also can easily make things happen in the exact way I want it when I put my heart and mind into it, but I have been feeling a blockage around me as I grow older, which is not all bad because it has protected me from danger too but also keeps me away from the good things I could achieve. An hour ago I really concentrate to find allies and as I was looking something on how to get it rid of an spiritual parasite I found you and I know this it not a coincidence. I will explain the parasite situation that brought me here and if someone know something about the blockage or can help me with the parasite I would really appreciate it. So, a couple years ago, I was getting ready for bed and started turning off the lights at home and on the way to my room, from my living room was the bathroom with the door open, as I walked in front of it I saw myself walking to my room from inside the bathroom and when I reached the bedroom I was myself again. It weirded me out but I eventually went to sleep, later that night, I was sleeping and a squeaking sound woke me up, it was my bed moving and as I opened my eyes I felt very heavy and extremely tired but saw that my hips were elevated as if someone was holding them and humping me. I got very scared and tried really hard to get out of that position as quickly as I could. Some days the squeaking of my bed wakes me up and the situation occurs again in different sexual positions, I thought it was an incubus but I read here they usually make an emotional bond and I don’t have that. So, that is that. I am, again, very happy to be here and willing to listen to you, thank you for your time.


Welcome @Levi It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself.

How old are you?

Where do you hail from?

Do you practice any magical tradition? If so, what, and for how long?

Oh, yes, I’m sorry. I was so excited I saw how to introduce myself after I wrote that.
I’m 25, from Canada and no, I don’t.

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Thank you for elucidating more. I’ve edited your title and added “Intro” so others will know you have met our rule.

As for your problem, have you tried a banishing ritual?

PS: I’m from Canada as well :slight_smile:

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You could search for a banishing ritual here on the forum. Hopefully you can overcome this.