Introduction of necromancer

Hello there Balg. My name is Michael and i practice necromancy for 19 years in this life. My path as necromancer began in my previous life, where I was focusing on necromancy and black magic for 61 years. To remember all my works i had sacrificed everything and changed/ manipulated my reincarnation. Maybe you are asking yourself how did I done it …I had put together 3 systems and made a pact with 12 daemons of death and rebrith. It took me 5 years until i figured it all.

In this life I am continuing with my works, slowly developing them. I am leader of big group of magicians which is based in the middle of EU and we call ourselvs Selekcia. Also I am third leader of EU Santeria.
For example I focus on death magic, necromancy, love magick, sex magic to be honest on every type of magic, but necromancy and death magic are my main priorities. I work with a lot of systems for example Dracanian, Hermatic, Chaotic,Necromantic and a few more. I will share here my experiences, tips and i will give helping hand to everybody who will ask for it.

So those are main facts about me, I was hearing about this forum from my good friend of mine which is also part of the forum and I decided to join and share with people. Thank you for having me.



Welcome and I look foreword to learning from you!




Welcome master :slightly_smiling_face::fire:


Thank you all for welcoming me. :blush: :slight_smile:


Ah, very noice. I like Necromancy and death Magick a lot so I hope you learn from what you share.

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hi dear i want to know the magic and beginnig step to the necromacy

I seek a clearer view of chaos. My results have been as described…chaos. I need to learn to focus it and not give in to it. Discipline, I know… I’m talking about channeling that force. I go so deep into trance…like I can’t control the energy of it…just flows. Feeling lost…

This account is a LARP and most probably a duplicate.