Introduction of myself and thankful for the acceptance!

Hi my Name is Sean. I’ve been practicing ceremonial Magick for fifteen plus years. Mostly Golden Dawn, I had hiatus for a few years divorce,kids etc. But back to my true calling once and for all! Magick makes me happy and enlightened, grew up in a Brethren Christian Lifestyle, when I say lifestyle mean, uncles aunts granny’s grandpas etc. Although Christianity was in household wasn’t forced down throat. Mother even taught us how to use Oija board… Father more strict as was more his upbringing. They don’t and will never understand my true path, so let sleeping dogs lie, is the best option. The greatest is seeing them and they complimenting me on how chilled and relaxing to be around, them my boys ex wife etc. Greatly Gratifying, although not Ego induced just Aura I give off on occasions… Still very Golden Dawn at heart! Have committed myself to completing the Great Work in next three years or sooner. Become a god I suppose! That’s what we all here for in our own path correct! Don’t belong to lodge, self initiated. Would love to learn Evocation, but feel Great Work has to be completed first. Just relaxed and happy at moment and loving the adventure. Found the Dantalion meditation on Toutube, would love to do it, but is it dangerous if not prepared as in LBRP LBHP Etc. Before listening, any advice would be tremendous and push me further! Please any other questions or answers. I’m here virtually 24/7 lol. Thanking you again !I live in Sedgefield South Africa


Welcome to the BALG forum @Tyler1

Edit: You have practiced the Golden Dawn system, but have not used it to evoke before?

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Mostly invocation and assumption of godforms, got a hold of Konstantinos book on evocation. Seems pretty solid! Like instructions , not basic but incredibly inciteful. Really want to get into Enochian Magick too. Aswell can’t grasp name right now but Oldish guy did loads of videos on Solomonic Magick. Good solid base to work on… Geez name flew right out my head🤣 Oh Poke Runyon!! Also breaks system down much easier, not for laymen but more in plain English, for want of a better understanding and doing work!

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Konstantinos book is pretty good. It provides a solid instruction in the art of summoning.

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Felt so too!

Most of the people here evoke in more of the demonolatry style, without banishing rituals or circles, rather than the more ceremonial Golden Dawn system.

Yes, it is safe to use the Dantalion meditation you found on YouTube without doing a LBRP or anything. I assume it is chanting of his enn, right?

If it is the enn, that calls his energy into your space, so you can banish afterwards if you want to, or leave it dissipate on its own.


Welcome to the forum Sean, great having you here.:bouquet:

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Welcome to our corner of the internet.

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Ok cool thanks bud! Sorry going on one o’clock in the morning here! Catch up tomorrow! Have a great day/evening, wherever you are!

Thank you x

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Thank you will give it a go tonight, will tell you results. Do I need headphones or can play through music system?

Sorry didn’t reply last night was just getting late, and had early morning meeting.

Do you have any other recommendations RE: Great knowledgeable books on Evocation? Thanking you in response!

Evening Queen Mustang please I really need your help, as in to how to go about doing evocations, the way you guys do it! I’m feeling extremely drawn to Dantalion, I’ve done the guided meditation by Jared … It was incredible it really took me there!!! Wherever there is, but then what do I do once Trance to that level achieved, ask him for his gifts, ask for something specific. Don’t I need all the trappings of the LBRP,TOOLS etc. What next please advise! Thanking you Sean