Introduction of a troubled magician girl

Hello everyone, my name is Blanche. I was raised as a catholic girl but I have always been fascinated with the occult. Nowadays I follow Master Lucifer.
I have a strong mediunity to the point of being able to see and hear spirits everyday and that was affecting my life negatively.
So I decided to enter the world of magick now completely because I need to control these forces for my own sake.
As far as I can tell I feel more at ease working with demons and black magic.
I want to learn more about evocations and I really need an experienced mentor.


Welcome to the forum. Why do you want to be an evoker?

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Try reading through this:

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I want to have more control over my life and environment.
I have had many contacts with dark entities in my dreams since my childhood. They were always giving me advice and warning me about potential threats about the future. Whenever I ignored their advice bad things would happen.
Once I avoided a subway accident that could have killed me because I chose to follow what they showed me in my dreams.
I feel deep down that I have to learn evocation.
Two years ago something happened that let me feeling deeply depressed and I was about to make a very bad decision and nobody tried to help me. When everything seemed lost I had a dream with Lucifer. He comforted me and talked to me and after that I recovered my hopes again.
Lucifer has appeared on my dreams many times and the sense of peace that washes over me whenever we talk on my dreams is amazing.