Introduction - new world

Hello there! You can refer to me by my name, Kayla; I am 27 and live in TN. I’ve always been curious in nature by the occult, and was introduced to this site by a friend since I was asking her so many questions.

I was forced to grow up as a Jehovah’s Witness for 18yrs of my life, and I’m still shaking off that lifestyle, and god. I’m here to learn and better my own practice. I have been a part of one ritual but have never practiced anything in my own. Prepping for my first next week!

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Welcome to the forum.

What types of magick are you interested in learning?

Thank you! I’m not entirely certain which way I wanna dive in. I love the idea of being a white mage, and “helping people” but I love the idea of “justice”. I’ve had Ma’at reach out to me a couple times over the month, so I’m planning on attempting to work with her and perhaps she’ll also have some guidance for me.

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Welcome to the forum! May you find what you are seeking.

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