Introduction: new here. I have a situation I want advice on

A day later and I see my ex say something that she’s not dealing with men that are of my zodiac sign no more. Funny thing is I keep seeing her name a little more often and asked Sallos should I check her IG before I seen her say that Kind of tempted to check her IG but ignoring the urge. Every now and again I visualize her missing me to turn the lust for results into something productive.

@Lady_Eva do you have any advice? Sorry for @‘ng you randomly but I’m still kind of new to this

Only the stuff I replied here about making sure you have no conflicted feelings, then only after you’ve got that as sorted as you can, try the whiteboard method on her, like a cartoonish image of her pushing away your star sign:

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I currently don’t have the tools that poster has (dragon blood etc) I only have a sigil I drew.

I don’t use many tools, work around that and improvise. :+1:

The evocation tut I posted doesn’t require tools: Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide

Offerings and tools have their place, but you can do evocation and get results with no tools.

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Hey all, just a update on how I feel. I’m a bit sad tonight. Don’t ask me why. I have this sadness that wouldn’t go away. Talking to Sallos helps. I can’t hear him but I feel a little better. Tommorow ima do a petition to another demon to help as I think my ex feelings towards me has soured greatly. I just feel this incredible sadness.

Something like that happens to me … I meditate n come to where I feel neutral from where I can build again.

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Which demon have you summoned?

i havent “summoned” any demons … not successfully at least . dantalion sallos amon and gremory are some in my list. but not been through a successful invocation.

but i know what works in situation like yours because ive been in it.

for me
chanting kleem mantra works. do it every day.
ho’opono pono works like a charm.

the idea here is to let go of the need to control the situation. so that you can relax and from a place of calm, there is very little that cannot be achieved. i dont mean let go of the target. but just let go of the current situation. that shes not calling and xyz is not happening. law of attraction works. with a plan of course.

an idiot with a plan can beat a genius without.

forgive everything and imagine getting back together . and when u feel calm and think u can handle the situation.then go on about demons to make her call you.


A bit of a update on my situation. Did a 7 day candle. According to some scanners it has a lot of energy around it. My ex still has me blocked but here’s a interesting thing

A reader told me she’s missing me supporting her. She posted on IG Joking about things being too expensive the next day or so

Today she posted rose quartz crystals she designs, which signifies forgiveness in a relationship and love. Granted it’s Valentine’s Day but still

Some strange coincidences. My candle is still burning though it’s going down. Intriguing.

Remember not to react but to respond when she comes back or anything close to it . All the best mate

M actually planning a candle spell myself . Any heads ups.?

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I did a 7 day candle. I watched these videos

If you have a smaller candle, I would watch this

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Just a bit of a update. Draw out Belial and King Paimon sigils with a red marker on pieces of paper. Want to learn more about telepathy and mind control going forward. My ex strangely made threads in other forums about dating life and referenced me, then disappeared off social media. I’m not sure how much my spells had to do with it but whatever with her at this point.

I do have issues summoning. I usually

Light the candle
Listen to the enn
Gaze at the sigil
Read out my petition
Burn it