Introduction: new here. I have a situation I want advice on

Hello all! I’m new here and just wanted advice. I recently broke up with a ex. I’m extremely sad about my decision that pained her(I’m a male on my late 20s) we agreed to be friends in the future, but I just miss her and know we are compatible. I just made mistakes(no cheating or abuse) along the way in breaking up. I did my research on here, on sallos, and wanted to call out for help.

Here’s the thing. I live at home where I was raised a Christian. It was so real, I wasn’t allowed to watch power rangers, yu-gi-oh, or other “satanic” shows because they were deemed “occultic” in my home. My family still pray to Jesus everyday, literally everyday. I initially tried candle spells, but if my family even gets a whiff of me doing candle work, they would make a big deal about it and my energy would be thrown off. I looked at the chant, the sigil, of sallos after research and ending up here, so I tried to do what you guys had recommended. Problem here however is because being a Christian was instilled in me so much, I have fears about embodying sallos. I always had a interest in this kind of stuff, but again, due to my upbringing I was raised aganist it. Before I go nose diving into something I’m not particularly skilled in, I wanted advice from you guys, maybe people who also come from a Christian home

I know there’s 100 threads about sallos so I won’t ask for stuff I can read(and have read) but I didn’t think there was much talk on overcoming fears linked to Christianity. Advice?

My answer may be unpopular, but did you try to do the working with Christian friendly methods? For example, summoning angels and/or saints?


No I didn’t. I didn’t do much research from a Christian/angel perspective. If there’s anything you can link me to, to read or study on, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Just reading the writtings and lives of the saints can be enlightening enough for you not to need to do a ritual and to live peacefully. About the angels, what I usually do is calling them using an angel deck and if I don’t know the angel, I look it up in the Encyclopedia of Angels by Richard Webster, it always works for me

Edit to add: You don’t even need fancy sigils, you can use iconography that can even be drawn or painted by yourself


Thank you! I’m trying to research some now. Any in particular that can Possibly help my situation?

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I don’t know exactly what do you want to happen, but angels tend to take us higher, thus you may get something better than what you think you want. Remember the Qabalistic lesson of God always wanting what is better for his faithful, even if it at first looks like something not wanted


That’s true. I was more so asking for a list of angels. I’ll do research on this. Again thank you

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Gonna site this as easy as it can be look up “Miracle of the New Avatar Power” by Gray-Cobb, here’s is also an older post on this subject How I got my ex back with magick
NAP uses mostly angelic forces in very simple techniques that require little to no prep or paraphernalia if you were worried about such giving you away. The book itself is available for purchase however if that is an issue I’m sure google can remedy a situation :wink:


Yea I found the book. I have a lot of reading and research to do tonight. Thank you very much.

That thread was actually one of the first threads I read in here that helped influence me to join.

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Its a good thread, and a very good book but as the author states READ IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH, some people complain about NAP, but even with some of the semi corny testimonies its crucial to read it cover to cover, its key is its simplicity.


Hey I have another question. When summoning sallos, do I need a picture of his sigil or just look at the sigil in my phone? I’m not good at drawing and don’t have a printer to print out the sigil

A little update. I don’t know what it is happening now but I feel nothing but negative energy about my ex now lol. Idk what changes I listened to some meditation music. Now suddenly I’m thinking of the negative stuff that occurred

Use your sicko programming to your advantage!

Learn by heart and deliver with passion the Naamah Evocation. It’s best to scream it with a whisper…at night…before bed. Stand facing North-West, if you can.

This is your audition for the part of the Black Magician in the next James Bond film, so give it everything you’ve got - especially in a low, soft voice - full of emotion.

State your promise to Naamah and keep your promise(s). If you ex is only worth a few, dried desert fruits and a couple of cubes of rich chocolate, well go with that - but there needs to be some sort of quid pro quo.



Recently I chanted sallos enn and glazed into the sigil I drew. I then put drops of my blood into the sigil and on each side of my petition paper.

Problem is, again, my family is in my house praying Christian prayers. And I’m not sure if that will affect the energy I’m trying to draw.

Maybe I should go outside and sit in the park across the street from me? There’s some trees around. Sorry for being all over the place, I just want to get this right.

Problem?? That’s no problem.

You live your life in your universe not theirs, so see things from your eye’s and not theirs.
They don’t need to know what is going on in your universe.

Nah, not unless it’s a nice sunny day and you want some fresh air, otherwise just do your thing and let them do theirs.

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Welcome @Thatguy21 to the forum I would look I. To angels since it’s close to your subconscious mind and then. Begin with meditation to teach your subconscious you that demons are not evil in your since but a entity that can help you solve your problem.

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I try to summon on a different place.

I made a sigil with my blood red inkt and burn hair. Than i draw a sigil just with red inkt. I did it this time outside. I draw a star a big one on the ground. And every corner a candel. I had a mirror with some candle stuf on the mirror. I summon sallos with one sigile under the mirror. And a pic of my ex gf. I had a big candle in my hand. And a ouija bord. First i diddnt work. But than i burn the normal drawing sigile. ( the blood one was onder the mirror) than i felt chill. And i summon him again. Ad that moment i saw a silent hillface on my face. It was strange and the chill it was first scary. But that was over soon alone in the dark woods and i diddnt feel scared. My face was white no eyes and a strange mouth. Of was like this l l
Than i als him to help me and what i willen to give in return. There was a heavy wind sometime but the candle diddnt blow out. When i was done i felt the chill again. And i say thank you sallos for making this pact with me. I confirm the pact one more time and the figure in mirror was moving. He diddnt respon on the ouija bord. But when i told him im end this ritueal you are free to do what you want if you go back or stay with me a little do it in peace. I love hou sallos. Than i put on my bord i do it in my back. And littlery ( no strong wind) when i look in the mirror. All of the candle and i mean all of them 7 total blows out. Just in ons second everything was dark. And the figure in the mirror was gone.

Is this a good experians? Also that je put al the candle out?

Is te pact and bond i have with him active now? I hope someone can explaim me what and how! And how long it wil take?

Hail and love sallos❤

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Officially summoning sallos later today. I have researched enough to get the ritual together. I only am trying to figure out what exactly to ask concerning my ask.

I don’t want to ask if too many demands. Maybe something like “I want my (ex name) to become obsessed with me to the point she calls me non stop” but that sounded too much. I then thought “I want my ex to remember our good times, to the point she texts me today”. Then I remembered all the drama in our relationship and was wondering if I should ask for her to “trust me again”. My mind is all over the place with this lol

Hi and welcome to the forum. You should start with learning energy work. It requires nothing, but time and quite space to practice.

You need to learn how to cleanse and protect your energy.

Hello all! Getting ready for the ritual soon

Here’s the drawing I traced of the sigil

Not impressive by any means but it’s the intent that counts lol