Introduction - Narasimha

Hi everyone. I’m very new to practicing Magick but have really found myself drawn to it and devouring content since lockdown started a few months ago. I’ve spent a lot of my life dedicated to spiritual development whether through meditation, yoga and shamanic practices (with and without psychoactive plant medicines). I recently had a a very powerful experience with Lilith that I was not prepared for, which has lead me to quite the fascination with this particular goddess, and subsequently a curiosity of the left hand path. I’m here to seek some insight and or answers around that experience and to learn more about Magick in general.



Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new things.

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Welcome to the forum brother…

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Welcome to the forum, I look forward to discussing topics with you in future threads.

We do have a mass tutorial thread that might be of interest to you. It compiles many different topics from members of this forum.

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