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Hi everyone. I’m very new too this, i have only been reading and researching for about three weeks. I’m very interested in all of what i’m reading about. I just don’t want to get in too deep while i’m still new at this. I was just wondering if there was anyone willing to help and talk to me one on one.

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You’re probably better off on the public forum, people can get you in PM and start saying all kinds of crazy shit, and it won’t be fact-checked if you see what I mean

I’m not saying that’s common on here, 99% of people are just dedicated and serious magicians and in no way out to fuck with you, but if you begin with the public stuff, you can start learning how to give any advice the old sniff test. :wink:


Okay thank you so much for your advice and the linked page!! It’s just a lot of stuff all at once and something i want to treat delicately. I’ll be sure to check out the linked page and start learning at my own pace. :slight_smile:

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If you know what your goals are (no need to share unless you want) try searching by those as well, we focus more on results because magick is about making changes for personal improvement in some way most of the time (not all). :+1:


Welcome @littlebp to our crazy wonderful forum we call home :slight_smile:

What have you been reading in the past 3 weeks? Would love to hear what your interested in and I can certainly help you navigate this site.


hi and thank you :)! It first started with just recommendations from my freind, she has a lot of knowledge on how things work but wasn’t able to go into the farthest detail i was really looking for. She gave me recommendations like belial and ronwe for what i was specifically looking for so i came to this site and was honestly amazed on how much there was and that it’s very active! After i came here i just couldn’t stop reading i was learning a lot of new things like TGS, witchcraft, digits, evocations and many different demons etc etc. It’s still a bit much for a beginner so now i’m starting with the small things that Lady_Eva attached above. Also to answer what you asked about what i’m mainly looking for, i was originally really desperate too raise to fame, not just fame but wealth. More specifically a rapper, and so i looked into working with demons and making deals. Still not 100% which demon that is and where i should go from here but i’m trying😂! Also Sorry if this is a bit long !!

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Welcome @littlebp It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself.

How old are you?

Where do you hail from?

What areas of magick are you interested in?

PS: This is not the proper place for an introductory post so I have moved it and edited your title


Check into Azazel. I only work with the 9 Demonic Gatekeepers so that’s who would most likely fit your needs. There are a lot of others who work different paths so I’m sure you’ll get lots of advice.

Your Homework: Read through it all and see what stands out to you :slight_smile:

Ahh i see i see. Well hi my names logan i’m 16 right now 17 in 2 months and i come from a small little town in pennsylvania! If i’m being honest i’m interested in everything it’s all very fascinating to me!


Okay thank you so much :slight_smile: !

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hi again aprentiz. i just had a couple questions i couldn’t find answers to on this website or yours directly. they might be stupid questions so i’m sorry if they are i’m just still a little confused on some things :joy:. 1. should i be afraid of what i will lose by talking to belial? i read that my ego may be uneasy and i will lose earthly relations i have held. 2. can i talk to any spirit by just a simple evocation? Like for instance if i wanted to talk to one of the 9 gatekeepers can i simply use a candle their sigil and their enn?( along with gifts for them) or do i have to go further into detail.

What are you you afraid of loosing. Belial was the start of my journey and quite honestly I lost nothing but fear. He is reputed to deconstruct you and rebuild you from the ground up but thats not everyones experience and that was not mine. I learned that it really all depends on where you are on your life path.

A common thread for those that struggled was that they strayed so far from the core of who they were that it took a lot to bring them back.

Your ego is not in control, You are! It takes a lot to understand how your ego works, when to use it and when to silence it.

Sure you can, but before that you should get a little defense work under your belt. Take a look at The LBRP - Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

Do lots of research first. This is a good one on the process leading up to evocation:

And this is good touch base on sigils too.

The simple answer to this is YES, The point is this is all up to you, what you do, say, how you act, what you offer is all your choice. With a little research on who your contacting and for what makes the energy exchange easier. Gifts are optional, but really LOL who doesn’t like getting gifts.

Hope some of this helps you :slight_smile:

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Aprentiz let me just say those two videos helped tremendously i learned things i didn’t even know i had to, especially in the second video he went into great detail and it actually helped a lot and made me realize a lot of things. Thank you a lot for your help i’ll definitely keep you posted as i keep researching and after i get my tgs down i’ll lyk how my first evocation goes :). if i have any more questions i can’t find answer for i hope you wouldn’t mind if i asked you?( also small edit, when it was talking about relations i thought it meant something more along the lines of me losing my relationships with family, friends and or someone i am in a relationship with.ty for clearing that up)

I’m going to hold you to that, I wanna hear all about it.

Please feel free to reach out anytime.

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ayoo aprentiz, how you been and how’s your day? I’ve been trying to read and watch as much as i can dealing with evocation. Just some final questions before i go into this. 1. I’m going to use that demons sigil, 4 black candles, an offering and insence. Any other recommendations? 2. I’m still not sure if i should go with belial or azazel… i’m pretty sure i told you but i’m trying to forward my music career so mainly i’m going for success and to build a relationship with that demon. Just some last minute thoughts because maybe azazel can help me more then belial would be able to vice versa. 3. I was recommended by my freind and a lot on this website to stray from evocation inside my house, especially for my first time. It’s also where i feel the MOST comfortable to do this, but if i can’t where else would i go to perform this? oh 4. Also i’ve been hearing from some people on here that the veil is very thin right now. Should i avoid doing an evocation for now or would it be easier for a beginner?

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I want you to look at this post, for additional insight.

Well they will let you know, thats for sure. Who are you most drawn to?

Depends on your living situation really and how comfortable you are in the space. Anything in particular your worried about.

When I perform magick, there is no veil, I feel like thats more to do with the dead and spirits on some spiritual paths. LOL Ancients have no need of a veil to be thin to step on this plane.

I want you to research, research research. You shouldn’t need to read a script. It should flow like it’s the most natural thing in the world, no fear, no hesitation and complete confidence in your abilities.

There’s lots of posts on here people doing this and the common titles are:

Did I do it right?

How will I know if it worked?

Can someone contact so and so for me to confirm.

I think I screwed up and so and so is mad at me.

These are all questions from someone who is unprepared, unorganized, inexperienced and in my personal opinion should not be doing any evoking. I don’t want this to happen to you.

You do sound like you got a good head on your shoulders so I’m pretty sure your gut is gonna guide you in this.

I’ll be sure to read this post.

Well if i’m being completely honest i am fully drawn too belial. I have heard many good things about him and just have a good feeling about him, i have read a lot about azazel but i have read more about belial and have focused my first evocation around him.

I’m living with my Father and 2 siblings i just don’t want anything too happen to them mainly.
Also my one sibling is struggling with night terrors he’s hurt himself and broken things around the house the worst being a tv… sooo i don’t want that to get worse for him if that’s possible.

Okay I didnt know that ctfu so ty

ty, i just want to know absolutley EVERYTHING i need before i start, i know once i finish this it will be done and in effect, i just dont want to screw anything up in the process, the main thing im worried about is tgs witch is why most of my research im doing now is tgs and meditation.

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Aprentiz i’ve been researching belial more for the past couple hours, and i stumbled across something. I read that one of belials tarrot cards is the 6 of cups… I had my freind do a tarrot card reading on me earlier today and for my present card it showed the 6 of cups, i didnt think anything of it until now. Im assuming its a good thing but i dont really know what to think. Does this mean anything?
(Small Edit) Thinking further on this my future tarot card was the sun. If belials planets are Eart, jupiter and the sun does that have anything to do with it? I’m kind of really hoping those mean good things cus it’s making me happy and i’m looking forward to meeting belial.

Welcome :blush:

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Also the 8 of cups, 6 of swords. I have never read the 6 of cups, where did you read it, I’ll add it to my collection and read it.

I’d say that “signs” can be seen in anything, thats how our mind works, but, if they have meaning for you then you should do what feels right.
I cannot definitely say because honestly this is your journey, you obviously are feeling a pull towards Belial, you’ll start to see signs everywhere now until your curiosity is satisfied.

If your finding joy as you uncover more and more then to me your choice is clear.

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