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Hi everyone,

I am new to this community and it is a pleasure to meet you all.

To begin with, I was introduced to the rituals by a trusted friend a few months ago and I am forever grateful to her! I have seeked help from Duchess Bune and King Paimon on several occasions and they have always helped me with a large heart… I performed a 21 days prayer to King Paimon to help me become a more positive person and attract good things into my life. King Paimon has been my best spiritual teacher.

My current struggles are really to overcome my self-esteem issues. There have been a few experiences in my past that have troubled me and sucked all the positive energy. I feel extremely hopeless and directionless… I live alone and my loneliness drains me completely. I hope I can clear my negativity and become a more happy, positive and cheerful person.

Thank you all!


Welcome @kiara198619

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice? What kind of rituals do you do?

Do you follow a specific system or tradition?

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How old are you? With age and experience this seems to pan out quite well put and you become more well esteemed with age. Self esteem issues derive from mental obstacles only. No physical obstacle. Self care is important too so it’s good you are working on self improvement.

Welcome to the forum @kiara198619

Hello there @kiara198619, nice to meet you, welcome to the forum :wave:t5: