Introduction - J

Hey everybody. My name is J and I’m 18 years old. I’ve never really practiced magic before, but it’s always been something that’s held my interest. I’m mostly here because my family is incredibly abusive towards me and I have nowhere else to turn other than the occult. I suppose when the mortal world has failed you, what else do you do, right?

I wouldn’t consider myself experienced at all when it comes to practicing, though I’ve read a little. My primary interest is Geotic demons but I’d consider my mind very open to anything. I’m mostly just desperate to find any way at all to escape the situation I’m trapped in. I’m very eager to learn and explore, and honestly I’ll take anything that can give me hope again.


My reccomendation is as follows:

  1. use the search function in the upper right corner to read up on related posts. Feel free to resurrect and old thread as this is encouraged here if it contributes to the collective.

  2. through the process above you will identify individual members who words resonate with you.

  3. click on their avatar in the upper left of one of their post and read up on their various contributions to confirm tip 2.

  4. state your desire to that person directly by adding an @ symbol before their screen name, or respond directly to their post…or both.

  5. if all parties agree to communicate about a problem you can take it to PM (initiated by a more senior member with PM ability). Or discuss it in the open and initiate a group chat as most do unless the poster prefers privacy.

I hope that helps. I recommend PM as a proper plan requires details which you probably wouldn’t want to post in the open. I hope that helps.