Introduction. Hi all!


Tulsa, OK

My journey officially started in 2008 when I was introduced to Reiki and the Law of Attraction. It has changed dramaticly over the years as I’ve learned how to manipulate energy and evoke spirits.
For as far back as I can remember (being very very young), i knew things before they happened. It was frustrating that I couldnt pinpoint these events, all I could say was, “I knew that was going to happen” yeah right… haha. One night, on a dark road, I made a believer out of my mom, when I yelled at her to stop and then blurted out “COW!” She listened, slowed the car and, what do you know, up ahead, there were multiple cows just hanging out in the road. I’ve always has a unique spiritual connection with my brother, he experienced similar things and started his journey much earlier than i did and he got mixed up with some scary shit early on but our connection is super strong when we are together, like i think if we joined forces, we could create some super powerful magic! His journey eventually led him to become among the tops ranks in Asatru and mine has led me toward witchcraft but we do get together every now and then and exchange magical ideas and stories.
My early desire to tap into this knowledge was fruitless for me until the age of the internet and along my path I have prescribed to some idealology and left others behind. What am I? I dont know, call me what you like, a Chaos Witch, a Black Witch?? I don’t know, I dont care, Ill always continue to learn and grow throughout this human experience.
I use candle magick and am currently spending all of my time honing in my divination skills. Advice and auggeations are always welcome.
Glad to be here, I’m enjoying this forum very much


Enjoy the ride. :wink:

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So nice to meet you. You share so much and very eloquently. Glad your here and I look forward to chatting. Welcome :slight_smile:

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