Introduction + Help?

Hi everyone I was wondering on how to get started with my spiritual journey I have no idea where to start and I do know about the search bar but like I said I have no idea where to start so I don’t have anything to search I searched how to get started with your spiritual journey but couldn’t find anything to help me please help

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Welcome to the forum.

It is a rule that all new members must introduce themselves. Please tell us a bit more about yourself

You are a beginner in magick but are there particular areas of magick you are interested in? Knowing that, we can help direct you to proper resources.

Here are some ideas to help flesh out your introduction:

Hi. This is my thread for people new to magic that might be useful to you.


I had the same Problem as you until I read Raymond Bucklands complete book of witchcraft. It introduces you to all kinds of magick like tarot or spells. It also contains various exercises you can use to get started.
Hope this helps.