Introduction + Help Please

Hi, I’m new here and would like some help if possible. I’m completely new to to Magick and really anything relating to it. I’m transgender and currently going through a lot in my life at the moment and was wondering if this could help me in any way. I know this might sound stupid, but is there any spirit/entity/magick etc. that can help grant wishes? Also, is it possible for someone else to be able to invoke something or do the magick for you? I realise I must sound pretty dumb to most of you, but thanks for your help.


Hi @Moojujubee, did you watch that video i posted on your last topic? I hope it helped some. Check out more of his videos too, he talks about different entities he works with. You can research different demons to kind of get a feel for who they are and if one stands out to you, work with it. Anything is possible, and magick is everything. Your using magick just by thinking thoughts. Your thoughts are vibrations sent out creating your universe around you. My advice is do lots of research, and be passionate about what your researching. Nothing is out of reach, you just have to seek to find.

This forum is full of useful info. Use the search bar and check out stuff. You wont regret it my friend.


Welcome to the forum. Here is my thread you might find useful.


Hi, @Moojujubee! Welcome!