Introduction - hello everyone! (Kind of long)

Good morning! I’ve had this account for a few months and was just reminded that I needed to introduce myself. I go by Vala on here and on social media.

I usually spend time in meditation/creation daily and part of my life is also spending quality time with a few of the demons I have an ongoing and committed relationship with.

As the needs and wants arise, there have been and continue to be “work” relationships with demons and angels as well.

I truly don’t buy into it that you can’t or shouldn’t work with both. It works for me! I do know that they feel completely differently and some people don’t match well or can’t take their different energy and how it feels and makes them feel.

I’ve traveled to different planes and I’ve been taught specific things on the astral plane. I do have a regular practice of pathworking; it’s not so much a practice, it’s really how I live life.

Clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsensient, telekinetic… always learning and improving/growing.

I’ve been trained in and since the early 2000s in energy work, pain relief/tied into emotions, different energy healing modalities… I feel energy and therefore entities, too. Not just psychically, but on occasion I’ve seen them with my actual eyes, heard them with my actual ears and felt them on my body.

I’ve seen them in both their typical demon forms and their “human” forms. They all seem to have a favorite way of showing themselves.

I didn’t seek out demons consciously, but I know now that I really did by asking, screaming really, for the truth of how this plane really works at a/in a state of emotional rawness and desperation.

The demons approached me after I was fed up with the inefficiency (for me) of the “love and light y’all and nothing else” (no offense if that’s your thing). I asked for the actual truth, I had and have a deep desire to understand and also how to deal with a situation with someone who was and still is heavily possessed and used to be close to our family - and none of the usual methods I was taught worked. (I was trained in classic exorcism way back as well).

And that’s when my spiritual life/practice really changed. I used to have this restlessness my entire life. Like there’s something missing. And I kept searching for it and I could never figure out why and what it was. I haven’t felt this particular restlessness since I’ve been on the LHP.

I was eventually drawn to Lucifer and later on realized that I had had a patron demon for a long time. It was all very much like a coming home. With real, deep tears. Relief. Gratitude. That search is over kind of feel to it. Also anger and all kinds of other emotions regarding having been indoctrinated my whole life, etc.

My intention is to be(come) more involved on here and regularly post and be active as a member. Possibly create and nurture some friendships?! That would be amazing!

So, hi everyone! Nice to meet you!

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you welcome @Vala … Unlike you, I’m new to the left hand path and hope to learn from more experienced practitioners like you.
Once again welcome…


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