Introduction from me to you

Good evening everyone, my name is Joseph and I am making an introduction to everyone here.

I joined this forum because I feel like through here and further discussions I would have with some of you would bring me closer to helping me further receive an answer to this spiritual calling I have had for the longest time since I was a child. My grandmother part father has been an active Santeria practitioner also including one of my aunt’s witch they both own a business and actually make money out of helping the community with they’re services of divinations and having a botanic in the same location. I have never come to them for help because Its been so long I’ve talked to them. My only experience with the occult was once when I was 14 I asked to astaroth to provide me basic needs forever and I remember smoking a cigarette that night with his sigil drawn to it and for ever I have never forgotten how to draw his sigil. I have been baptised twice in the Catholic form as a baby and when I was 16 being forced by my mother. At a point I came close to God but recently in 2016 I lost complete communion with him. I come here because I understand that maybe just maybe King Paimon has been calling me forth to talk to me or tell me something but I have never conducted a ritual ever in my life. I have seen E.A.'s videos and has inspired me to come forth and answer this calling to him not in greed but in as to understand his calling and also to seek the knowledge I understand there is to behold to this spiritual calling. Message me if for any reason you might ever want to speak to me I am very aprochable and forgive my English because it isn’t my first language.


Welcome to the forum.

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