Introduction.. & entities/guides/daemon for empaths?

Somewhat experienced magician hwre though I prefer the term walking sorcerer.
Got myself into a load of shit previously with too many entities. Good news, ive made my way out.

Im an empath, psychic, intuitive, medium, clairvoyant that travels through dimensions seeing past and future though the future ability is unpredictable.
Also the medium abilities I havent mastered yet

Anyways Im struggling living as an empath.
Talented in spiritual practices but my material life is lacking especially relationships. Trouble managing my sensitivity. Additionally Im caring as fuck and have compassion for others but ya know they dont give 2 fucks about me thus why I chose to study daemons. To empower myself.

Anyone have any experience with ascended masters or daemons that are especially talented at helping empaths?

Thank you.
Much divine love


Why are those two things linked? :thinking:

True compassion can be felt regardless of how the other person feels about you. If you really have compassion, on a “divine” kind of scale (or aspiring to be, since we’re all only human) you won’t care how they act, because true compassion and empathy comes without T&C’s.

I say this because knowing what you truly are is the best way to find good mentors, human or spiritual.


So much wisdom in just one post, I cannot convey how much I appreciate that you wrote that

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What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it? You haven’t told us exactly what you are “somewhat experienced” in.

Do you have experience in any particular systems or traditions of magick?


Manifestation from the knowledge I am that I am. A part of the whole influencing the whole. Energy manipulation. Alchemy. Ive been practicing since I was a child, just recently got into formal magic like rituals. Main rituals ive done are basic lbrp lirp and rose cross.

I have the knowledge that my power is limitless, im just learning how to perfectly hone in on creating the things which best serve me and others at the time without breaking the rule of free will (belial paid me a nice lesson for breaking others free will in the past. Suffice to say I was humbled and have learned since)
It all seems to be just about mind control. Being in control of the focus of ones attention and will and interpreting the current of the universe adjusting my course to flow smoothly with it.
Ill also be writing a book in the future. Im on a hilarious spiritual journey right now. These demons have the most wicked sense of humor.


There is so much wisdom in this.
But I must bring up the problem i have had in the past because its constantly coming up in my life.
Im always the one giving and rarely do I receive. I even use magic to give to myself and others.

I recognkze how selfish it sounds to want pwople to do nice things for me and be good to me, but why shouldnt they?
This seems to be more of a nice guy trap than anything.

Truly to be an empath means pain and with that pain i must have compassion and be able to see through. Straight to the truth.
This is more of a personality issue than a spiritual problem I think. Why would people take care of me when i give the impression of being so perfectly put together on the outside.
I dont talk about this stuff wirh people figured i might as well just type whatever comes up and see what I cab find out and who cares who reads it or what anyone says, ive learned answers dont come from outside of ones self everything comes from within first. Even if its being receptive to new answers.

Lost my train of thought. Anyways, ill take some time to absorb what you said :slight_smile:

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Helping you with your empath skills? Kuan Yin or Aset. The Lighter side of Hel is also beneficial.

Helping you harden a little? Hel’s darker side, any Mars entity like Ares.

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If your truly an empath, energy work is what you should focus on. It changes everything.


Hey! In my time of activity I was committed to spirit work, in specific releasing the souls still chained down in my hometown. Long term it can be devastating, but if lesser daemons are actively watching your back, you can move mountains with their guidance alone. Samael could be an effective totem in this line of work. I was always dissociated from the humans around me, classmate, coworker or family member, because I was spending all night empathizing with the plights of those scrambling to set themselves free of the tarnish. You can learn a hell of a lot about human nature in a multitude of forms. Learn more than in a society of blank cell phone zombies. Utterly unparalleled.

Welcome to the forum!

Namaah would be a good demoness as well as Astaroth especially for love matters. Both are good to the heart. Freya is a wonderful mother especially for love matters. Kwan yin was mentioned as well, the mother of compassion. She is excellent. The green Tara is very good for the heart. I dont know much about her other than that.

Dantalion is amazing all around. I Love him dearly.
But ive found that he must be romanced and wooed, As he is a proper gent.

Most god/desses, daemons and angelic beings connected strongly to venus will help with love and the heart in some form or fashion.

If you are wanting lust go with more mars influence.

Both Mars and venus are excellent teachers of self empowerment and boundaries. Add mercurial influences in for better communication.

The alchemy you know will help as well. The great magnus opum has much information in it that is helpful to learning to balance yourself first so that your paths to healthy relationships will be opened and made fruitful.

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Hello! In so glad you shared this with me, you have no idea how synchronistic this is for me right now…
My guides have been pushing me to practice my medium abilities including a technique called the “temple tap” to activate them on command.
I meditated at a cemetary earlier today and it felt like these lost souls came and climbed on to me.
Sadness and the feeling of being lost is what I felt. And i go through these same self conversations (inner dialogue a lot) about “you can be free, its okay let go” then i feel a wonderful release that brings tears t my eyes.
Ive been suspecting for a long time that these were entities and lost souls that recognize my gift of empathy and these entities (or lost souls, people torn between here and the afterlife, yep people torn between here and the afterlife says my intuition) know I can feel/understand/experience their experience and I’m told its attracted a lot of attention in the astral realm from good and bad alike.

I want to better master my gifts and learn how to release these souls better and have a greater balance in my life. Plus if i could learn how to talk to these spirits and have real conversations and exchanges of information… The possibilities are endless.

Any information or tips, anything at all you wish to share would be helpful to me
And my intuition says Samael and I wouldnt get along really well…

Also thanks to the other commenter,( about to comment on that next) Dantalion and i had a working relationship years ago when i was maybe 12 years old to 14 years ago and belial wanted to wait until the right time to reveal this to me again, after I learned respect and how daemons work.
Dantalion has reached out to me and his abilities really speak to me.
Ill be doing plenty of reading.
I got the angel number 2424 shortly after Dantalion and i began speaking again today meaning i should think this stuff over and wait until the right time. (21 days since I first fucked up with Belial. 21 days no addictions, no magic and celibacy)
He said if I dont follow through my life will be shit and he wont be able to help me.
I’m gonna keep my promise to him.

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If I’m being honest, I never served under Samael’s name. I believe my company, or a fragment of it, exalted under the Angel. Within my understanding Samael is conjugated with Saturn in this method of freeing lost souls through mercy. Working with less-known or still manifesting daemons can be just as effective, for both you and your companions not only become stronger as a team, also becoming stronger as forces of their own right.