Introduction + Energy, spirits and the unknown

Greetings anyone, I have lately had a string of a strange events and experiences. Usually I am very skeptic about stuff like - magic, spirits aliens etc…But after April 2018 everything changed…

For personal reasons I would not share all the details, but I had a stranger encounter. A man came to me one night at a bar and said that he is a very powerful shaman and that I need to wake up…How he found me I have no idea - he was a complete stranger.

I had a lot of pressure during this period of my life and was not very well psychologically, but he was telling me a lot of things that did not make sense to me at all. Since that day, something changed, could not figure it out, but, I felt different.
The most curious and extreme part is that up to day I will encounter strange things, like synchronicity with triple numbers, but not just 111 or 444. I will see all of the numbers tripled everywhere I go. It came to a point that something inside was telling me this is not a coincidence. Even if i try to completely ignore them, they will just appear at absurd places in front of my eyes. I felt that this is getting ridiculous and just out of curiosity started to research online if anyone else have similar experiences.Found like gazillion videos and articles, telling pretty much the same thing Some people say it’s angel numbers, and all kind of sorts…
So far so good, I finally came to conclusion that it is just my imagination and seen the triple numbers is just a coincidence, when others odd things start to appear.
When I am at home at night, would usually stare at the night sky watching the stars. Really love doing that, until I started to see very strange and unexplained lights bursting through the sky. Sometimes it will be bright light, like a star but moving in some direction until it goes off. Other times will be bright yellow, moving at different speed and direction. One night I even saw a purple shooting star…In recent months some of the lights will be even getting closer. Very, very strange - I had never ever seen something like this in my life.
First I thought, I am crazy imagining things, but luckily…strange lights showed even when I was with other people and they also saw it. And some of them reacted surprised, some will say it 's aliens others something else. The interesting part is that this happened more than few times even furring the day - Very bright illuminating light will appear for short period of time in the sky and after disappear without a trace. It even got to a point that was not even strange for me to see this anymore. So I go on with this triple numbers and lights in the skies, trying to figure out wtf is going on until I stumble upon more and more strange experiences.
Like I will be out walking somewhere in the town, by myself and complete stranger will come to me greet me and tell me that I have to go and see the pyramids…I am talking about a person that I have never met in my life before. Even in a different country, stranger will come to me and tell me something like - Stick to the left side, stick to the left side. Some of the people I met meet will speak very different, It was even hard to understand what they try to say. Or stuff like - lose your mind, find your soul…
And on top of this - my phone went completely crazy sometimes. I would be regularly by myself with headphones listening to music and the phone will start play songs or videos by itself. Like it jumps to a clip or a song, plays a part of it, then jumps to another video but in the end it was like it was all connected and like it was telling me something, sometimes it made sense, sometimes not… Anyways, probably 90% that read this will say I am nuts, but I need to get this of my chest. May be someone somewhere have had something similar…
I will not mention a lot about the strange, moving man shape shades moving around me, feeling strange energies…or strange animal behavior around me.
The other thing that struck me was how many bats I will see per night since all this nonsense began. Before I was even afraid of bats, somehow not afraid but feel creepy about it. Now almost everything if I am out, they will fly around me screeching, even in distances like half meter away from my face…sometimes they are huge and very often I will be out smoking a cigarette, chilling and they will appear out of nowhere just enough to freak me out…
Anyways, that is a glimpse of some of the things that I remember and made an impression. So since I have been searching the web for answers and find close to nothing reliable information.
So my question is this - Is there any way, method or something, someone, God, Satan. spirits, aliens, demons or what ever it is to connect and communicate so I can bring some clarification about all this non sense for the past? Because ignoring it, it only gets stronger…Please any opinion, advice will considered welcome
Thank you in advance

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Welcome to the forum.

From what I am understanding, you have no experience in magick?

PS: It is a rule of this forum that all new members introduce themselves so I have edited your title and added “introduction” to it so other members will know you have done so.

Interesting series of events, welcome. It sounds like someone from your past with magical abilities has taken a dislike to you.

Welcome :blush:


Thanks, I thought of that myself. Because I was i big trouble since everything started. Is there a way to protect yourself from these kind of things and to reflect the negative energy? Or may be some kind of protection spell? My grandmother use to say that I have very warm blood and I catch the eye very easy…

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