Introduction + Did i communicate with King Paimon?

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So first a little background about myself, I am 16 M, black/mixed ancestry (creole, french, black). Please do not put a pin on my knowledge, I know my age and how you may view what I know based on my age although I can say my self that my vessel/body does house a renown soul/old soul. I am new to this site and i have a few questions about summoning and communicating with daemons.

So first I want you to understand my situation, I’ve had experience with demons ever since I was 4 and remember one showing itself to me in the form of my grandmother with black eyes from across my room in the bathroom. I’ve also from the age of 12 seen shadows reveal themselves to me in quick ‘flares’ and have always been able to feel evil, neutral, and holy presences in my space and through my vessel which is my body. I also grew up Christian and have just recently a few months ago woken up to the truth and broke free from the hell that Christianity and all religion is

Anyways, as for feeling entities, I feel as if I have been from birth connected to the spiritual world as in what the eyes can’t see and the ears cant hear. i feel as if i have a magnetic field of energy that surrounds my body which takes the shape of a sphere and extends about 4 feet from any point on my body making its total diameter 4 feet. I have been able to tell when a family member was trying to jokingly sneak up on me to scare me, I just feel a shift in the field around me and which direction it’s coming from, they are always surprised asking “how’d you know!” and my response? I just “felt” it. I can detect energies or entities from up to 100 feet away, I even feel them watching over my neighbors from 3 blocks down the street, they feel like opaque/dark but almost colorless orbs. i cant read them or their intentions well but most of the time they just appear to be watching over people as they go through the day. When they are around me i speak to them vocally saying things as of “i can feel you here whatever you are” “I want to communicate with you” and they even leave upon my request but one thing is they always return. i am aware of how Christianity teaches people to rebuke them as they are evil. I am also aware that some of them are not necessarily good, and some of them are out to get us due to rebellion from a higher power. And when i am in the presence or close vicinty of one i start getting negative thoughts and in some cases feeling suicidal and extremely depressed upon my own expiremints. I also know so much more about the universe or in more literal words “existence” or “is” if you understand what that means, we just “are”. And what our purpose here on earth is. i also want it to be known that I keep my ego, confidence, self-esteem, energy, and mind under control and do not feel like i am better than anyone else, if anything i feel we are all the same regardless of race, and i see i believe spirits in people, and look through and past their race and their language, and focus on their mindset, actions, and the words they speak into existence as i have a hyper-aware view of what i am as a human on this earth. i feel connected to everything, i feel like i am a part of the air that surrounds me, the keyboard i am typing on, the trees, and everything created of matter in this universe/ realm of existence- I dont care much for material things like money, cars, status, wealth, or looking the best and actually find most people that are wrapped up in this world humorous as they compete and prove themselves better than others in this material world. I try to tell other teenagers the truth and they look at me like a alien :0.

(King Paimon) Anyways back on topic, I have been wanting a gaming PC for better performance and speed and also wanted to buy some speakers, a laptop, and a stand in less than a month from now, So i need about $1500-$3000 for everything, i also have been craving for more knowledge and wanted more information on everything we are as humans, mental growth, spiritual growth, and music knowledge, the ability to create words and sentences in a pitch and tone of voice that all ears would enjoy on a beat or instrumental that all ears would enjoy, i heard that King Paimon would be best to summon for that. And i am coming into Magick an amateur, a newbie so to say. But i followed a thread on here on how to summon him as he is “very easy for beginners”. What I just stated I wanted is what i had in mind before trying to communicate with him, or summon so to say. So I traced his sigil in pencil on a sheet of paper, and retraced it in ink once it was finished, tattoo black ink to be specific. I placed the paper on my carpet and even added pennies and a silver chain on the sigil to increase the energy around it. Then i got two candles and lit them, and sat clothed in a criss-cross position with my palms up, eyes closed and began chanting his enn “Linan tasa (y)jaden paimon” i cleared my mind as i was chanting and the only thing on my mind was his enn. over and over i repeated while looking at his sigil and closing my eyes visualizing the words to the enn in my mind. After about repeating the enn 15 times, when i closed my eyes i felt a small presence begin to materialize/ come up about 1 foot infront of me, i opened my eyes and it was gone in an instant, closed my eyes and it started materializing again slowly, opened them again to make sure what i was feeling was real, and it was gone again. So i thought “ok he’s gonna fully materialize in spirit only when my eyes are closed”. I was a bit alerted and my heart rate rised as it was my first time but I kept calm. After continuing to repeat his enn while closing my eyes and feeling this energy slowly materialize infront me, I got a very faint picture from deep in my mind of an old man with a grey beard and red robe and red hat and the thought that this man was listening, I also kept feeling this light presence in front me, it was slightly warm and I also heard a faint ringing noise, But keep in mind this whole presence overall was very weak. I told what I believe was him what I wanted (the money and knowledge stated above) and I heard he liked sweet things as offerings. So as an offering i put up a small bowl of agave, some chocolate trail mix, a shot glass of Pepsi, and some cinnamon rolls that i had ordered from pizzahut, And i know it seems silly as an offering to a demon, but mind you it was all i had and i took it very seriously. I stated out loud after I offered the sweets that I would like to close to the session and that I was going to blow out the candles and put away the sigil, and as that I did, afterward, i had a thought from my mind to have at the cinnamon rolls and to drink from the shot glass, then I heard an electrical spark noise besides me and immediately afterward the atmosphere was back to normal. I don’t know if I contacted him completely though as its a week later and I have no money and no knowledge that I have asked for, does anyone know what I did wrong or what’s going on?


Welcome to the forum. It is a rule here that all new members must properly introduce themselves and you have provided enough information to meet that rule, so I have edited your title to reflect that, so people will know what this post is.

Ok thanks!

King Paimon doesn’t really do “money,” though he can help with influence for things like career advancement and such. Wealth is not his specialty.

Do you actually have a pathway for the money you want to come to you? $3000 isn’t going to just drop into your lap, after all. Magick works best through coincidence, and if there is no viable way for the money to come, one has to be made which takes time.

As for knowledge, that is not going to just pour into your head either. King Paimon is a master of all arts and sciences, but most of all what he is, is a teacher. He’s not going to simply hand you everything you want. True knowledge doesn’t work that way and requires understanding.

To obtain the knowledge you seek would require sitting at the king’s feet daily and actually putting in effort to learn what Paimon can teach.

In my opinion, your biggest issue is your expectations of demons and magick. A week is hardly enough time for such a large request, especially for a beginner.


Thanks for the information i see, but yes i do have a bank account that i stated out loud for the money to be transferred to, since he doesn’t do money which demon does? And what could i do to begin speaking with them since im new and cant hear or see them literally? i meditate, astral project, lucid dream, and have knowledge about the third eye and chakras/energies, and believe i am a receiver of the universe and have received answers from a higher power about life and existence. however im stumped as to what i have to do to communicate with the demons. How would you recommend i put the fear of them past me?

They try to guide you once you put the effort. He can help you find a job to earn the money. Then you can try to grow the money.

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Thanks for sharing!

Loads to name a few Claunek Mammon Lucifuge Bune are the ones that come to mind.

And there are others that can also I.E Lucifer but as @DarkestKnight said you have to work for it.

I have had success with Mammon in the past but it was just random online codes for money off lol.

Imo Lucifuge would be the go to in this situation as he is the lord of pacts and can easily get you what you want.

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He could get me the money? And if so how long would it take?

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Months, maybe a year or so, but this is after you tuned your senses to communicate with him, and after you can open a sigil, and defend yourself from whatever you opened yourself up to as well when trying to communicate with him.

The ones giving you suicidal thoughts were not “demons”…

Give it some time… Use your intuition wisely