Introduction: Currently I'm a Christian, but my faith isn't what it use to be

I’m from the Southeast… my grandfather was a Baptist preacher for over 40+ years. I’m currently 50 years old, and became a Christian at the age of 14. But, I guess you could say that I’m sorta the ‘black-sheep’ of the family… mainly cause I’ve always been a very open minded person, and I accept everyone at ‘face-value’ sorta speak.

I really don’t care what religion someone is. Ultimately, I believe in freedom of choice, and I think everyone has the right to choose how they want to live their life.

I’m into meditation, chakras, crystals, sacred geometry, and I’ve been studying daemons since I was in my 20’s… I find it quite fascinating, actually.

I don’t know a lot about black magick, but I am totally interested in learning.
(no matter who you are or where you come from, or what you’re beliefs are, you can ‘never’ learn too much…)

Sorry for the long intro, I just wanted to give you a bit of background info on myself, and the kind of person that I am.

Have a good one…


Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks… I’ve been following E.A. for awhile now… and have a couple of his books. At the moment, I’ve been reading Asenath Mason’s “Draconian Ritual Book”…

And I like the variety of topics on the forums.


Hey there. Welcome.

Considering the fact youre open to learning new things beyond the Christian paradigm, its no wonder youre an outsider!

Have you ever cast a spell? Aside from blowing out birthday candles, of course. Haha

Are there any entities on the Left Hand Path that resonate with you?

When you say youre into sacred geometry, meditation and crystals, are you saying you have an interest in them, or are you saying you’ve actually worked with sacred geomatry, crystals and meditated before?

Welcome @mcdivotts to the forum I hope you find your path !

hey welcome, having almost 30 years experience, I can’t imagine the stuffs you know, I have sacred geometry necklaces, and never knew you can “work” with them…

No… I work with them quite a bit. As far as magick goes, I have some experience. Witchcraft, Santeria, Hoodoo (I grew up in and around New Orleans), and some Enochian.
Also for the record, there are quite a few spells that work with Psalms, etc.

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Your not alone. I’m coming straight out of a strict Christian home too where my mother was very serious about Christianity

I don’t wanna get too deep into it and stuff… but when I was an adolescent, I got into a lot of trouble… wrong crowd, you know the usual. Now this is back in the early '80’s… and at that time, it wasn’t like it is today, where you have a ton of choices to send your troubled teen or whatever… back then you basically had 3 choices… juvenile corrections, military school, or a ‘boys home’ (or a 'girls home, etc…)

And most of the boys/girls homes were “Christian” based. The problem was, that they weren’t like Baptist or Protestant, etc… they were part of what was called the “Fundamentalist Christian” movement.

Which means, they were straight ‘Old School’ (aka old testament). And because of their religious beliefs, they could get away with all kinds of physical and/or psychological child abuse shit.

Ironically, it’s because of those people that I went the whole salvation thing in the first place, hoping God would protect me from them…

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So you believe in a God who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save humanity from himself. That’s pretty fucked up!
Jesus, the two thousands years dead, poofter bastard said that ‘you can judge a tree by its fruits’ and two thousands years of Jesus should be enough for any health stomach. More suffering has occurred in the name of that sick turd than anyone else. The crime of Xtianity sicken the very Sun!

P.s. And welcome. I just couldn’t help myself.

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